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  1. OCD is a hard case. Building a healthy lifestyle helps improve your OCD on your own. After work, rest should be combined with measures to help reduce stress and anxiety such as deep breathing, meditation, warm bath and aromatherapy. Participate in social activities so you have less time for unusual behavior and thoughts ( what my doctor said anw ) Getting enough sleep can also reduce obsessive thoughts. Regular exercise can impact serotonin levels in your brain, raising your level of serotonin and boosts your mood. Physical work count too. For ADHD medication, i recommend follow doctor description before taking. When you have more than you should it could cause symptoms such as paranoia, hallucinations ( not the good kind) etc. I tried all this and it working for me so far, hope it help.
  2. I didnt mean to rant sometimes i just go off sorry about that. I think we both at that step where we realized what our problems is so it a good thing. Have you try taking medicine? It doesn’t work most of the time but it makes my ADHD more acceptable. My OCD is another story, it kinda hard to control. Im not always a loafer, i had a job in the past but it end up not so well because of it. Still i think there always a cure for everything but i just dont know how yet. The only way to fight these conditions is to over it ourselves. These days i been taking up exercise and eating healthy to combat it, i think it working somehow because i feel better about my self? Maybe it help balance the chemical in my brain? Idk. You dont have to let it drag you down, you can always fight it. I think that it help if i have a certain goal in my mind that i need to complete, it keep me going. It also good to talk your problem out, help release pent up emotions. Long story short- the important is you try to be better and it mean more than you think.
  3. I too have ADHD and OCD, it just tiring sometimes. My case is similar to you but instead im obsessed with creating a story with characters in my head inspired by tv series or video games. I tried writing, drawing but I just cant get anything done because my ADHD is acting up. I just hope that before I die I can finally finish getting my vision out and maybe somebody will read/see it. Lame wish I know. I guess im a little lucky because my family is kinda rick so I don't have to go to work but im not exactly happy either. My parents is understanding but the true is they just giving up and accept that im a sore loser. People talking and my neighbor think im weird and often bring me up in their daily gossip. Sometime I lying awake at night wishing I was better off dead. I just want to be a normal function being.
  4. Hobby was suppose to be fun. Have you try to relax and actually write your heart out? it don't have to be a competition you know. I think you just feeling a little discouraged. There was a national poem contest in my country and the winner entry is completely garbage. Why he win? I don't know but just because you didn't win it mean you're a bad writer my dude. Your followers think so at least. Maybe you should shake things up a little bit and try your hand at original story? experiment and see where it go.
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