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  1. Good morning Miss Nightjar. Sorry - Canada exists in another space-time continuum. Since you're from the future, could you send me some stock tips?
  2. Check out DMSO. That stuff works. They use it on horses here is cattle country, and I promise you it works on humans too. But it stinks. Like a lot. Discontinue use before any dates.
  3. Folks in the know can be pretty forgiving of our morose BS, but they're darn hard to find. I think that's why this place is magical, it's full of folks who get it. Here's what a two hour visit with my imaginary BFF would be like: ME: Hey. IMAGINARY BFF: Hey. ME: Coffee? IBFF: Yeah. Just cream if you got it. ME: No problem. IBFF: Mmmm .. that's good. ME: Yeah, I like Americanos. *** two comfortable hours pass with no conversation *** IBFF: Good hangin' witcha. ME: Yeah, good hangin' witchoo too. IBFF: Later. ME: Later. Sometimes just having another human in the same room is enough. If I keep looking eventually I'll find someone who gets that.
  4. Have you tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Guides to it are littered all over the Interwebs, although you can still buy the CBT Bible on Amazon: it's called "Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy". If you practice it you will get your anger under control. I speak from experience on this - it's amazing how much people's opinions of me changed when I became more patient and less reactive. And it's much easier on my heart. Hope you're day is fun on the other side of the world.
  5. It's like you're typing my thoughts. I could be sleeping, but I'm too medicated to know for sure. #ambienFTW!
  6. Good affirmation! It sounds like you're gonna be in 'find a way to cope' mode for a while. Sometimes it's impossible to remove yourself from the situation so you have no choice but to figure out how to live with it. Here's a few affirmations I use to deal with my toxic family: It's okay if people think I'm wrong as long as I know I'm right. I'll put up with anything for my kid. Turning the other cheek is sometimes necessary. It's not a requirement that I love anyone, including the people that society says I'm supposed to love. My oxygen mask goes on first. Always. No dispute. The opinions of people I do not respect are not worthy of consideration. The opinions of people I do respect are worthy of consideration, but are not immediately correct. I love me. I am enough. Families and relationshit are tough to navigate. Keep fighting the good fight.
  7. Good evening, Miss Nightjar. I'll be in a meeting when you go to bed, so this is the best I can do! Sleep well, and may your dreams be wonderful.
  8. ... is a word that starts with 'W'. Other words that start with 'W' include 'water', 'whiskers', and our very own 'watalife'. 'W' is the 23rd letter of the alphabet. IMO, 'W' should have been named Double-Vee, but I don't have that kind of power. P.S. Welcome to DF, EmpowerYourLife!
  9. Alone is a tough one. Some folks crave it, some folks hate it, but too much of it is bad for anyone. I hope you find someone you can reach out to.
  10. This reminds me of a long-lost-friend. We knew a lot of 'Bills' at the time, so we prepended each Bill with another descriptor. Fish-Bill was your typical party-hard rig-worker. Six weeks on, and four weeks off, more money than he knew what to do with, and a taste for mind-altering substances. When we left the apartment building we both lived in, we lost contact for a couple of years. The next time we chatted he was homeless and wanting to get to his parents' place across the country. We gave him a place to stay, got him a change of clothes and a shower, and arranged for his parents to send him some money. When the money arrived, we offered to pick up the plane ticket for him and drive him to the airport. "Don't worry about it", sez he, "you've done enough." Two days later his parents phone us. "Where's Bill?" "Hmmm, should be there." "Nope, not here." "Okay, we'll check." Suffice to say Fish-Bill left our place and proceeded to shoot his $1500 travel money into his arm. We found him again (homeless), and his parents arranged for a plane ticket to be picked up at the airport. We got him cleaned up, gave his some more clothes, drove him to the airport, and never saw him again. Fish-Bill was a good dude and a good friend. Fish-Bill on morphine and heroin was a manipulative, lying creep. I miss Fish-Bill, we have tried to find him but have had no luck. You can love your sister but hate the drug thing. Folks who have never dealt with an addiction have no idea how it subverts your very sense of self and turns you into something other than what you are. How else do you explain someone purposely hurting their unborn baby? With respect to your Q, I hope you can make the distinction between your sister and your drug-addicted-sister. The former is worthy of your love and help, the second is worthy of nothing but caring medical intervention. CherryApplez2020, you can say 'no' to your drug-addicted-sister without any guilt whatsoever - IMO, she's not your sister, she's just a junkie wearing a costume that makes her look like your sister.
  11. You said "butt-fudge nowhere" and I'm still laughing.  Thank you!!  😄

    1. Another Statistic

      Another Statistic

      You can't find it on a map, but everyone knows where it is 😉

      Nice to meet you, Heather. CYA 'round the forums!

  12. Don't be sorry, migraines really suck. How long has this depression flare been going on? The bad ones feel like they're gonna last forever. Of course they don't, but even that knowledge doesn't help when you're in the middle of one. This old man is sending you a cyber-hug from across the world.
  13. OMG! ^^^^This^^^^ so much! Kinky Friedman does a great cover, but I like Zevon's better - so much authenticity.
  14. Ewwww ... that's the kind of place that you never want to see under a black light.
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