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  1. Ive been alone so much that Ive kinda lost the North about what can expect from people. I want to find someone who I like to spend time together and talk. But when I think in the people I used to hang out, I dont necesarely love the idea to being with them. I had 1 close friend, we talked about everything, we had similar interests, was the only person I was anxious to tell about something to then listen his opinion. But then, I was dealing with a lot, and he was a really ostriostracized, I was needing to go out, having someone to talk, but he didnt like to go out much, he was telling me to hang out next week, then cancelled, said next week, he cancelled, I decided to just never talk with him. Sometimes I dream we meet again and we be friends again. I dont feel I can ever find someone I like to share time again. I dont like being wlth most people. I just feel alone.
  2. Does anyone else deals with loneliness and joined here or other forums to at least chat online ? Loneliness isnt my only problem. But its one of the hardest to cope with. I have 0 people to talk to. Sometimes it really drives me crazy being so alone. I miss being with someone and talk. Go out with someone. Sometimes its weekend, I have the whole day free, there is good weather, and I just spend the day at home alone. I spend day the day looking in online sites for someone to talk to, I can not find anyone. Anyone relates ?
  3. Im 29 old. Ive been dealing with loneliness since some years ago. Its a whole story isnt necesary to tell, but I ended up like this. This days I disntaced from all my friends. And with my family just have a polite relationship, dont talk much with them. Anyone also struggles with loneliness ? I started joining to depression forums trying to find others who also deal with this. Sometimes would be nice to have someone to talk even if its virtually.
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