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  1. As kids, we have such an innocent mind set, and overtime it turns into depression. We're alive and I'm thankful for that, because life has so much to offer. Thank you for your kind words.
  2. Wow I'm just a little surprised at the support on this website. It's a relief to find a website where people with depression and anxiety won't be judged as crazy or insane. The first few times I've told people I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, they looked at me as if I was crazy. Ever since then, I kept it to myself and smiled on the outside. As a kid, my father would abuse me, mentally and especially physically. He would back hand me across my face, whip me with anything he had in his sight (electric cable, belt, steel toe boots). My mom and dad were still married at the time, but she feared my father more than death itself, so when she saw my father abuse me, she couldn't do or say anything for her own safety. I have an older sister, so I'm the youngest in my family. Growing up in a abusive environment, made me think that, this type of abuse with other families was normal and nothing could be done about it. So I never mentioned it to any one. I've been admitted into a mental health institute twice in my adult life where I honestly felt better, safer, and not a burden to my loved ones. I've cut myself, drank myself to sleep, overdosed wishing death upon myself at a young age. I've noticed I was doing more harm to my family than to myself in attempts to end my life. I hated myself more because of my selfish tendencies. I'm currently in college and have a great job, however I find it difficult to live, study, work and seem happy.
  3. Hey I'm Diego and I'm new to this website, I was looking for resources and support groups for people dealing with depression. I'm in my early 30's and I've been dealing with depression since I was 14.
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