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  1. I have some questions for those of you who have experienced ketamine therapy. There are two topics for which I'm seeking guidance. 1) My psychologist / therapist suggested playlist. 2) His characterization of my past as "traumatic". For my session playlist, my therapist has directed me to listen to music from my past in order to help revive memories from past traumas. Is "listening to music from my past" the only playlist strategy? From what I've learned, it isn't. Is this true? Can I gain therapeutic benefit when my session is accompanied with a playlist of a different nature? Retrieving past music could be difficult. I got rid of all my old CDs. I'm also not sure how appropriate it would be for therapy. A lot of it is hard rock, heavy metal, hard core, heavy bass beat type music. Also, I don't know If I would characterize most of my past experience as "traumatic". There's extreme regret and disappointment, but not necessarily trauma. For the portion that is traumatic, believe it or not, there aren't necessarily specific memories. There's the memory of many episodes of abuse with one episode no more significant then the other. Should I bring these concerns up with my current therapist? Or should I speak with a different therapist?
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