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  1. Wow, somebody seems like they are mad at the world! I know that tensions are high right now. But that comment was pretty harsh and uncalled for. Women can be wonderful or terrible, just like men. Women have the power to shape the world by deciding who they reproduce with. That's a lot of power if you ask me! And it doesn't stop there. Most women rule households. There are more Queens than Kings in the world. It was said that "A nation divided against itself cannot survive." If you agree with that quote then how do you think a species divided against itself will fare? If you are against Feminism that's one thing. I think modern Feminism is pushing too far. I think the best way forward is to sit down and talk about the issues peacefully. I am very sorry that both of your parents were drug users. I kinda think that is something that no child should have to go through. You could make it your mission in life to help people that went through similar upbringings as you had. Talk about turning a negative into a positive! That would give you a real sense of meaning and purpose. Your upbringing gives you a unique perspective and likely a lot of insight into things that could help. Sorry to say it but don't discount women in this area. Women are very good at getting laws changed and also raising funds to support a worthy cause. Why not try to make them your ally? I think you would benefit from watching some Les Brown motivational videos! Another one that you could check out is one from from a sex worker named Nicole Emma, she has a very good grasp of what makes men tick and is very compassionate. I have struggled with multiple issues thus far in my life. High school drop out, Porn, Alcohol and Gambling and I've made huge progress on 2 of those issues. It's not over until it's over. That's the good news, that and YOU have the power to change and be a force for good. I know you have it in you and also I think you may have been stirring the pot a little just to get a reaction. Good luck to you Sir, or if you prefer resistance. Keep going the way you have, it's working beautifully!
  2. Yes, I feel a lot of the things you have mentioned. I feel like I am forgetting who I am. Also I find that sometimes I empathize too much and start wondering if I might have repressed memories that align with what I'm reading or hearing. I think it all might be a part of loneliness. Being trapped in your own mind is not a fun place to be. I wish I had something wonderful to say or some advice that could help. The best I can do is tell you that recovery IS possible and that your improvement is closely tied to the effort you put in. That's what I think, for what it's worth! I personally feel that in person interactions are more beneficial than online. But that is more difficult during lockdown. I have lost touch with so many friends. Plus some bad experiences trusting people have left me not even wanting friends anymore. I think I just need to learn the warning signs and walk away sooner. No man is an island and we need companionship. Don't let 1 or 2 people ruin your opinion of everybody. Everybody goes through challenges in life. Some more than others albeit. There are literally thousands of people going through similar or even the same things as you. Youtube has a lot of helpful videos. Some of my favourite's on youtube are: Psych2go, The School of Life, The Improvement Pill and BigNoKnow. Also Andrew Soloman gave a great talk on Tedx that is on youtube under the heading "Depression, the secret we share" All of this will help in not feeling alone, but at some point you are gonna need connections in the real world (I think!). I also think nutrition plays a very large role in mood and the related disorders. I have drastically cut my alcohol consumption and it has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. But I think it's for the best in the long run. Good luck Svenetc!
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