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  1. It sounds unreal but it’s possible. However, you need a very good piece of equipment in order to perform such interventions and help people with ADHD. Talking about this equipment, it’s very important to always check it and maintain it in a good shape, because you never know when you might need it and when it can same someone’s life. The only thing that I have noticed, though, is that places like https://www.biomedics.com.au/resources/patient-treatment-areas/ are doing their job good, however you have to pay them a lot of money. But, from the other hand, those money are worth nothing when it comes to human lives.
  2. Toji


    I can understand how you feel. When I lost my brother due to him suiciding I found it less painful by sleeping all day. Maybe one of the reason is that I just had gotten this https://www.topbambooproducts.com/best-bamboo-pillow/ bamboo pillow that made my sleep much better or the fact that I could not process the void that I felt inside me all the time. It took me a lot of time and countless painful but useful dreams to deal with this. I came to realize that time heals everything, so maybe by sleeping I was able to fast-forward the pain and see things in a brighter way day by day.
  3. I had an almost similar situation but it had ended not well
  4. I also switched to Mylan bupropion XL, twice a day, but after two weeks something went wrong. In the beginning it was working pretty well, but, suddenly I began to lose weight. Has anyone of you experienced it? It's really strange. Anyway, I'm considering to combine it with one of these anabolic steroids https://www.acnm-online-pharmacy-usa-store.com, in order to fight the weight loss effects of bupropion. As far as I know, they shouldn't interfere with each other, so hope it will work well. However, if you have any other suggestions, just let me know. Thanks in advance!
  5. Good morning everybody, hope everyone's good!
  6. I've listened to XXXTENTACION and my depression got even worsen
  7. Ugh, I am experiencing the same things right now...
  8. I will try, thank you very much!
  9. Bro, marijuana is the best thing ever to do when it comes to depression or anxiety, just believe me. However, I see why some people are concerned here. It’s because I am talking about taking marijuana on prescription, not the way you see it. The whole point of that is because weed is an amplification of your general mood, so if you are depressed you can catch a very bad trip. Here mailorder-marijuana.com you can look for the best marijuana in the town, boy. The prices are fair, and the quality is good. Just don’t forget to call your doctor.
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