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    This September first would have been my daughter's twentieth birthday, instead its been twenty long years since she left us; it seems like yesterday: the pain, the agony, the tears and the what ifs. Twenty long years.
  2. vega57
    Lord where are You while my tears runneth over
    while my heart aches for those I luv
    for by brethern and kin in our Struggle to live
    can't You hear anymore, why don't You reach from heaven and help me
    is my heart so black, can't You see that I have worth
    am I so worthless, as a worm in the ground, don't You luv anymore
    who can I turn to, if it's not You, who can I turn to
    Lord touch me, quench my thirst with your fingertip, don't You luv me
    I cry to feel Your caress, Your luv, Your tenderness, don't You luv me
    look in my heart and see that it's good, touch my heart dear Lord
    don't turn Your face from me, then I will be utterley alone
    then it will over, then it will over
    who will cry for me when I am gone, will You oh Lord
    who will shed a tear for me, will You oh Lord
    my name will no longer be remembered, I will like one that never was
    I will be forgotten, my memory blown away like dust
    who will cry for me
    but I will have my victory, the victory of death, no one take this from me!!!
    I will sleep the sleep of death, I have won!
    This have been some tough days for me, my pain has taken me to new levels of maddness, but I will make it, no matter what, I will make. I shall never, ever give up, this is not my right, this belongs to the Author of life, not me. I must struggle on through his barren land of suffering and misery, but I will never give up. I will continue to fight to my last, I will not give up.
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