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  1. I'm happy for you, really am. When you can learn to appreciate your own company you'll be way ahead. And remember we men, well guys for you can be very immature and needy. When a handsome young stud comes knocking on your door make sure he complements you personally and in life. And if he doesn't open the door to the car or building, give him one chance; don't walk in till he does, and if he doesn't you walk away. I always did that for my wife; if he won't put you before himself it means he's to selfish. And when you find the right one for you and are ready to progress further observe how he treats his mother especially because that is how he'll treat you. And don't let him overwhelm you. Good luck to you.
  2. You're 19 and in the 3rd year of college? I wish I had met someone like you when I was in college; I would have been more than pleased to be your friend and even more. Don't be in a rush to find a boyfriend, learn to appreciate yourself first, that gives one confidence. Now I assume you have some sort of mental illness since you are posting here which can be a bit challenging to meet people but usually it's not them, it can be us. Because of our mental illness we tend to look at life just a bit skewed, so you need to have as clear as mind as possible. My youngest daughter is older than you and when they first started dating they would always as their mom and I for a little advice so I'm advising you as well did them. I know that you're probably impatient but patience does have its benefits and it will allow you not only you to meet good people who can become friends and maybe even a good partner or close friend. You will attract the right people/person before you know it.
  3. Wellbutrin and Buspar Side Effects

    I was on wellbutrin for a very short time but it made me extremely anxious and gave on it. My pdoc wanted me to stay on it for couple of months to see if I would get used to it but after about 35 days he agreed to take me off it. I tried again and couple years after with same results. It's a very old medication that's also useful to quit smoking but as far as I'm aware the va has not used it much anymore. Hope you can things figured out.
  4. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The sounds of life. Beautiful. After spending hours at the ER this is beautiful.
  5. Very good words and advice, something different than what you feel is a good way to help yourself. I stay home most of the time due to ptsd; ironicallythe place I feel better is at the VA, but not seeing my doctor but hanging out with other veterans. I think you should try this dman, a little bit at a time. Unfortunately this is part of our lives, and meds can help but doing a little something on your own can give you a sense of control over this. Hang in there.
  6. 3 Words Of The Moment

    Break Out Now
  7. I have 5 daughters, not all here but I do have 5 and 7 granddaughters and one that's just a few days from arriving. First, I empathize with you, my mother was abusive, both mentally and physically but I still loved her, till the day she died. I didn't realize that she took suffered from mental illness until I was diagnosed and came to understand how insidious this illness really is. Your mother may never be the mother you want or need, maybe she can't for whatever reason. I would like to suggest that you talk to her straight out about how you feel, about what you need. It may help you both and if not you tried and you'll be able to move on a bit at a time. There are women out there who can be a mother role to you and even men, good people who can help you.
  8. What Really Bugs You (7)

    Having to stay home more and more. Especially with things continuing to fall apart.
  9. Need help

    It's a catch 22 and a vicious cycle: you can't do the second thing because you can't do the first. But cycles have an end. You don't eat much or take good care of yourself because of your depression so definitely talk to that counselor. But please don't allow it to be a one way conversation, tell him/her what they need to hear from you. Be proactive. Don't be a bump on the log only.
  10. Mental Illness robbed me of everything

    Please allow me to tell just this one thing: hope. As long as you have it, this monster hasn't and can't rob you of everything.
  11. 3 Words Of The Moment

    Bad worse anry
  12. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Sad. My siblings that remain have had some get togethers and have told our extended family not to invite me or any of my and grandchildren.
  13. What Really Bugs You (7)

    People who say just snap out of it.