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    southern Cal east corner of state, Coachella Valley
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    This forum, learning more about my illness, computers, my family and wife, reading, helping others, studying scripture, driving my "82 Chevy truck with my grand kids as passengers. Update:I'm have gotten back into bike riding, for about four years now and am getting reading to do the 100 mile charity ride, The Tour of Palm Springs.

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  1. So we thought but we had to return early. Sadly and unfortunately my remaining son lives on the streets due to drug habit. We brought him here to the ranch hoping he would return to rehab but he left during the night when I finally fell asleep. He hasn't answered our calls or texts. Because of what happened to my police officer brother they are really helping us but nothing yet. We've been searching everywhere but again nothing yet and it's extremely hot, killer heat. Not giving up till we find him, whatever the case may be. Please please enjoy your life, NEVER look back, NEVER. With all my heart I wish you the best.
  2. vega57

    How Is Your Weather Today? #17

    We were in Vegas which is as usual pretty hot, we had to return to the ranch for personal reasons, 120 today with rain expected tomorrow. But our dilemma is much worse than the weather unfortunately
  3. Thank you river, trying to stay away, just a little break. Back home till Friday, doctor's appointment. Headed to Vegas to visit daughter and family, 4th in lake Tahoe and off to Olympic Washington for unit reunion. So we are trying to live to the fullest. Be good to yourself, you deserve it.
  4. I wish everyone a great summer, and please try to make it so. Hooking up the 5th wheel and hitting the road till end of summer. Will be flying back a couple times for wife's follow up but hopefully things will be well with her. Hope to stay off here for a bit but who knows. Lol. Be good to each other, and tell them how much you love now. Don't wait till it's to late.
  5. Ur welcome and I will
  6. Thank you. I'm sincerely very happy for you. Allow yourself to enjoy your good fortune
  7. I hope you are doing better in general. Isolation sucks but for me it works but young people shouldn't be so, you should be enjoying your life though I know mental illness can make very difficult. 

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    2. vega57


      I always stay busy doing what I enjoy and in reality I'm better company to myself than to others, especially after so deaths in our family. And I'm twice your age so I've learned to be comfortable with myself so I'm not lonely being by myself. but you are in the age where you should and even need to be interacting with others. I also have ptsd so I feel overwhelmed quickly when around to many people; when I do go out to say a restaurant I'm constantly going outside and I have to face window so I rather not. But again I've learned to be comfortable with myself but you shouldn't, at least not yet. And I've had my fill of people, I'm sort of well known in my area since my police officer brother was killed in the line of duty and I agreed to an interview. I make birdhouses among other things and give them away so that also helps. I live in a very isolated area, my house is obscured which I like.

    3. meisje


      It's good that you feel comfortable being by yourself. I'm not at that point yet to be honest, but I will get there. I really relate to you saying that you're better company to yourself than to others. And as long as we enjoy being alone, than that's all that matters. I saw in your interests that you mention your relatives. It seems you do have a close relationship with your family members, which is beautiful. I also enjoy being around people I care about, but at times that solitude is so refreshing. If I could afford it, I would also buy a house in an isolated area. 

    4. vega57


      my family is really the only ones I spend time with, I really enjoy doing this, my children,, not kids anymore but still my kids and my grandkids. I don't spend much time with my siblings anymore, things have really changed since my brother was killed on the line of duty followed by many more family members, not only on my side but also on my wife's side. my siblings and I used to be extremely close but things have changed, we sort of avoid each other, maybe its a way of dealing with so much death. M being alone is not really being lonely unless it effects you so, if it does you should not be alone, not good for you. we spend time in couple different places but both are a bit secluded; I spend time doing wood work and teaching my grandkids about life through this and since camping season is here we are getting our stuff ready. to me its important to be calm in the midst of the storm of life so I try to pass on what I've learned to those who want to learn. here is a bit of advice I wish I had harken in my youth, learn to gage people because not everyone who present themselves as your friends really are and either only want something from you and your expense. again, you need to at least try to be around others because even at your age you are still very young and can benefit in many ways from good people.  

  8. You see, the sun does shine upon us more than once. Wish you all the best.
  9. Be patient, the best jobs as life rarely happen quickly. One suggestion from my days as a job developer if you haven't done so yet: learn as much about the company and the particular job. Not only will you have a head start it will impress your boss, and you about first impressions. Hang in there. And have plan B and maybe C as a backup. Can't hurt.
  10. vega57

    How Is Your Weather Today? #17

    Lol. Today is a duzzy, humid but then the sea is only about quarter mile from here. Stay cool and safe.
  11. vega57

    How Is Your Weather Today? #17

    Compared to 112 on Saturday and Sunday today it's a bit chilly, I think only in the low hundreds. Almost pulled out my parka. Lol
  12. vega57

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    Like the saying goes: fake till you make and we can add maybe break it. Listen, we, sorry my granddaughter just now wants a hug and I lost my thoughts. So let me try: today we buried our twelfth family member, this one on my wife's side, my brother in law, Raymond. I'll tell a bit about him to hopefully inspire and encourage you. He spent a total of 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, I know for certain he didn't cause I've known him since he was a child. He came out, got addicted, spent years living on the streets, fast forward a few years he's married, family, job, you know, the American dream. He was an extremely funny, loving, self deprecating and giving, always laughing but like you, me and many more he lived with an inner pain of the soul. He wasn't very tall, about five-seven but very muscular, imposing and appeared scary but yet in lived with this inner pain. He told that in prison one has to put up a front, show no fear even when ur knees buckle, thus fake it till you make it. In the last few years he finally made it, he put his guard down and just enjoed life till last week when he died from the damage of long ago drug use. Please understand that I an minimizing ur pain just hopefully encouraging you a bit. Life in it's own merits is hard, sometimes extremely so, and that's where people like us find ourselves. If I'm have read some of my posts you'll find in them joy, anger, frustration, at my witts end, lashing out, encouraging others, feeling sorry for myself, all the emotions and feelings in the spectrum, it's called life. So let me encourage you to try and rise above the fog of mental illness and maybe try NOT to hide behind your smile but share ur pain with someone who is willing to hear you out and wont blab it out to others. sometimes that's all we need. You really cant hide always. What good comes of it besides nothing.
  13. Txs light. I envy you. Lol. I do.
  14. vega57

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    I'm usually glad when vacations are over because they can be tiring.
  15. Thank you light and now on your way to the adventure of life. People like us have lived some extremely tough times so hopefully you'll enjoy some of the good fruits of life. I sincerely wish all the best of life. Don't forget to smile, especially when life gets hard.