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  1. My job is beyond terrible right now. Anger, frustration and outright disdain for all of it. I have to seriously think about quitting. I realize it is not a good idea to quit a job before having another one lined up but I just don’t know how much more I can handle. Problem is that I can only discuss this online and with my therapist…I don’t have anyone in my life I feel comfortable turning to or who would even take me seriously. I would get judged for sure. This is one of a number of reasons why my anxiety is very high again…feeling it throughout my body and having trouble sleeping and functioning yet again.
  2. They had a strawberry cheesecake one…with little pieces of cheesecake mixed in…yum! And fries…well it is one of my food groups. I am a super picky eater but I will never turn down some fries.
  3. I have always leaned toward the cynical/“glass half empty” point of view but at least had a bit of hope or trust in people, places and things. Now, especially after the last two years…I am now a hardcore cynic and trust almost no one…certainly not the people on charge both locally and nationally. My anger and disgust toward all of it grows each day.
  4. Came across a piece of nostalgia the other day on the timeline. Something that brought me back to when times were simpler, when there was hope and when little things (like this particular item I cam across) meant something and brought some kind of pleasure or joy. Instead of making me feel better…I actually feel worse because I have nothing anymore that can bring me simple joy like that thing did and life will never be like it was in those times and things will continue to get worse.
  5. Another 12-18 inches of snow on the way in the next few days. There is still probably a foot or more on the ground from the last one. A silver lining of the prolonged cold spell is the lake is now close to 90% ice covered meaning there is much less chance for it to produce lake effect.
  6. Sports gambling recently became legal in my state and the freaking commercials are on basically nonstop. Everywhere. TV, radio, internet, ads on youtube. It is obnoxious beyond words. I have never been a casino person or interested in gambling of any kind and these ads certainly do not change that…in fact they make me even more against it!
  7. Worry. I live in a 24-7 state of worry. About everything and anything..big and small. Also, my job is awful and now working from home for almost two years has made it all the worse. Struggle daily with motivation and I just don’t care anymore and do the bare minimum required of me.
  8. I feel your pain. Today is the first day in like 3 weeks it is has been above freezing…won’t last though. Another giant storm is coming and once again, my area is going to get pounded by it…looks like another foot or more…on top of the 18 inches or so from the last storm that has barely melting. And I wonder why I can’t shake this constant feeling of dread and hopelessness?
  9. Been over a week and so many around these parts are still going on about them losing…including the local media. It is annoying to say the least. Glad you are back and feeling better!
  10. Yes. Never has off the grid living been so appealing than it is now. I did not think it was possible for me to get any more jaded and miserable..but society continues to find a way.
  11. Still in the midst of this brutal cold snap…even more extreme cold coming this weekend they say . But we will be missing out on that big storm this time and there is some moderation next week…into the 30’s!!
  12. I have enough trouble as it is focusing and caring about work…I certainly don’t need the number of issues this week that have come up and are a pain to fix. And I shouldn’t have to be the one fixing them, my boss should…and I am going to try my best to make her do it especially because it involves one of worst nightmares.…making phone call. Also, my internet at home sucks and seems to be getting worse making it all the more difficult!
  13. Same happens to me with migraine attacks. Sometimes the “after” is worse than the actual headache itself. Generally, my meds will kick out the headache in a hour or so but the after effects hang out for awhile…even into the next day.
  14. In one of those moods again where everything and everyone is getting to me. Had trouble sleeping last night and was super anxious and tense. Not feeling much better today but at least I have managed to do some work.
  15. Having one of those rare occassions where I don’t mind being the “black sheep” and being on the outside looking in. Sometimes it pays to be the odd one and to not care about pointless and unimportant stuff that has no impact on your daily life whatsoever.
  16. Pointless is the word of the day. Everything just feels so pointless these days.
  17. Winter blues continue to hit me hard. It is even affecting my work now. I have been struggling before with my motivation but the past week or so has been some of the worst. Luckily, things have been slow of late so I am not really that behind but if I don’t get it together soon, I probably will start to fall behind. Already a couple things to do that should have been done last week. I just don’t care and have no idea how I can make myself care again.
  18. Meh… . At least I get out of the house today for awhile even though it will be in crummy weather. Also, that game today…don’t care a bit! There is a good chance they will lose and many folks will not handle it well. This is one of the reasons I don’t care or get involved in fandom. Got enough going on and while sports can be a nice distraction for some, it just is not worth it to me.
  19. Oh good…more snow! Very light this time but ugh. This is about day 4 or 5 of bitter cold…and many more to come as the whole week ahead is going to be awful.
  20. I am thinking I might need to do this soon. I don’t like wasting vacation days when I have nothing planned but right now I am struggling so bad, especially these last few days, that I am barely getting any work done. Things have slowed down and it is a tossup whether or not I have enough to do anyway and one of our clients has all but stopped sending things over. I let far too many vacation days go unused at my last job and I won’t let that happen again.
  21. In a bad place right now..so bad I can barely do my job.I am unmotivated as it is but this week…. I will speak with my therapist about it but I’m not sure it will help much. Everything (even things I used to enjoy)just feels so pointless and hopeless right now.
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