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  1. Having one of those rare occassions where I don’t mind being the “black sheep” and being on the outside looking in. Sometimes it pays to be the odd one and to not care about pointless and unimportant stuff that has no impact on your daily life whatsoever.
  2. Pointless is the word of the day. Everything just feels so pointless these days.
  3. Winter blues continue to hit me hard. It is even affecting my work now. I have been struggling before with my motivation but the past week or so has been some of the worst. Luckily, things have been slow of late so I am not really that behind but if I don’t get it together soon, I probably will start to fall behind. Already a couple things to do that should have been done last week. I just don’t care and have no idea how I can make myself care again.
  4. Meh… . At least I get out of the house today for awhile even though it will be in crummy weather. Also, that game today…don’t care a bit! There is a good chance they will lose and many folks will not handle it well. This is one of the reasons I don’t care or get involved in fandom. Got enough going on and while sports can be a nice distraction for some, it just is not worth it to me.
  5. Oh good…more snow! Very light this time but ugh. This is about day 4 or 5 of bitter cold…and many more to come as the whole week ahead is going to be awful.
  6. I am thinking I might need to do this soon. I don’t like wasting vacation days when I have nothing planned but right now I am struggling so bad, especially these last few days, that I am barely getting any work done. Things have slowed down and it is a tossup whether or not I have enough to do anyway and one of our clients has all but stopped sending things over. I let far too many vacation days go unused at my last job and I won’t let that happen again.
  7. In a bad place right now..so bad I can barely do my job.I am unmotivated as it is but this week…. I will speak with my therapist about it but I’m not sure it will help much. Everything (even things I used to enjoy)just feels so pointless and hopeless right now.
  8. I am way beyond the “winter blues”. I am in a deep and serious funk right now thanks in large part to the ridiculous amount of snow on the ground and the extreme cold blast we are enduring.
  9. Temps in the 30’s today…and that will be the last time for awhile as we are heading into a deep freeze with more bitter cold for about the next week and a half…yay .
  10. Struggling today. Didn’t sleep all that well and I continue to not be busy enough at my job. Work coming in has been less than usual of late and even moreso with the holiday this week. I have to stretch the work I do have out for much longer than I should and that isn’t a good feeling and makes the already long days feel even longer.
  11. I live among their fanbase…and lets just say, they are uh, extremely loyal and passionate…as in throwing themselves into card tables for fun. Ans sitting for hours in 6 degree weather to watch them play. Not my thing at all but Buffalo is a super depressing place (and covered in deep snow at the moment) so if it helps the morale of others…than so be it.
  12. Nearly 2 feet of snow in about 24 hours. And it is windy blowing the snow around so some of the snow drifts are even higher.
  13. It seems for once they were correct (at least in my area) on the severity of this storm. Last I heard the total was around 20 inches. And looks like it will stick around for awhile. Maybe we will see the grass in tge backyard again by Easter time???
  14. 81 degrees year round… !!! It only gets that warm in July and August here…perhaps a few scattered days in June and September as well. But the weather here sucks for most of the time…including today. There’s close to 2 feet of snow on the ground right now…all in the last 24 hours as well.
  15. Well after speaking with my therapist, I am feeling a bit better about things as I head out of town for the weekend. Still not sure how it will go but I will try my best. There is nothing I can do about the storm that is coming in a few days and I have to force myself to remember that. It is going to suck but it is Janaury and winter…so of course there will be snow. And my location is far from the only one who will be impacted by it.
  16. Not doing well today. Have a lot on my mind and have been holding it in but today is my therapy day so at least I can get some off it out there.
  17. I think today is the last “decent” day for awhile with normal temps. Starting tomorrow, bitter cold is returning. There is a uh, rather large outdoor event happening here this weekend and it is supposed to be beyond bitter cold. I don’t care either way but you could not pay me enough money to be outside for hours in single digit temps with negative wind chills. Plus, the annoying weather folk are already teasing a “monster storm” that might be coming.
  18. Ugh…today is really bad, this week has been really bad. I think I don’t have a choice at this pont…I have to find a different space in the house to work. It won’t solve all my problems but I think it will refresh me some and maybe motivate me a bit more. My bedroom is just too cold, lonely and depressing. As bad as I have been of late…I am not at all behind, in fact I am pretty caught up. Because the workload coming in of late has been less than usual. I don’t have enough to do most days and have to stretch out the work I do have for as long as possible. Not a great feeling and it makes the already long days go by even slower.
  19. Thanks. I think part of it was I was certain the event would be cancelled and I guess it still can at the last minute but she has been actively promoting it on her social media. Also, driving anywhere (especially in these parts) is risky but the weather appears to be okay and the drive a few hours and one we have done many times before. Gonna talk about it with my therapist also as he knows how much I enjoy going to this place.
  20. I used to take pride in my work and be extra cautious. Now….meh. I do the bare minimum required of me and I came across a error…which was clearly an careless not paying attention type of error…and I really wasn’t bothered by it. I fixed it of course but in the past, that would have been the type of thing I dwelled on for a good while.
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