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  1. I am a year+ into working from home and I am so over it. When we were all in the office, things were not great. My boss is bad at communications and there is rampant favoritism/cliques within the company, including the fact my department is low on the priority scale compared to others. They also have no idea what they are doing a lot of the time and have given indication whatsoever when we might be returning. The governor just announced that he is about to bump up the capacity level for offices soon so maybe that will get them going. My fear is that they will give little notice...like tell us on a Thursday that we will be back that following Monday or something like that.

  2. 9 hours ago, NitNat said:

    I find this very relatable. I have a constant fear of rejection and abandonment and even just stepping into a grocery store I feel like I’m being observed and I’m an imposter trying desperately to fit in... I wear a smile on my face constantly and I am always polite, but what people don’t see is that one sideways look from a complete stranger has me spiraling into thoughts of self doubt and self loathing. 
    Seeing others on here with the same struggles helps me feel human (when I was a child I convinced myself I was sub-human to make sense of the way I was being treated). You guys have no idea how much sharing your perspectives and experiences gives validation and self acceptance ♥️

    Yep! I like shopping but the experience is becomong more uncomfortable for me. There’s a store in the mall I will no longer shop in because they have employees standing out front and will not let you in until they ask “what brings you in today” and then proceed to rattle off their specials and deals whether or not you want to hear them. That store and others don’t particuarly like when you answer “just browsing” to their “what brings you in today” question in my experience.

  3. 15 hours ago, Extremebeginner said:

    So there is still time for improvements in your day, look outside and appreciate that both sunshine and rain are important.

    sorry you are feeling a little hopeless at present, but pick something good for you.... what you would like to eat, a good song to listen to, and listen to it.....


    Thanks. Issue turned out to be okay as there was a fix around it I was not aware of. Cold but at least the sun is out today and heading out for some retail therapy.

  4. 16 hours ago, JD4010 said:

    I'm switching up my so-called career right now. I can't take my current job anymore.

    Best wishes with whatever you decide...and getting over the stumbling blocks.

    Thanks. Had a particularly bad yesterday and that is making me want to change all the more. A family member is changing jobs...basically on a whim and I am trying to get inspiration from her as well.

  5. Not having a good day so far. Terrible stretch of weather continues (I have SAD and weather affects my mood way more than it should), super anxious right now about a work related issue that I have reached out about and no one is getting back to me about and just overrall...feeling hopeless and down about pretty much everything.

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