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  1. Continue to be anxious and quite on edge. At least today I got a bit more work done and had to reach out to and help one of my co-workers which I really don’t mind doing. Even if it is only via email or text, still nice to sort of communicate with the world outside my bedroom.

    Nasty migraine today...have been feeling like it was coming on the last few and the humidity is sky high today so not surprised. 

  2. 6 hours ago, Svenetc said:

    I can so relate to that.We have a nice area to spend time walking or fishing or whatever. But I walked all alone a few times last year and it made my feeling no better - in matter fact it made it worse simply because now I really realized that I am alone. All the people I am surrounded by are my co-workers and they have families or if not then just run to the bars. And that is not my thing. So I just go home and play Yahtzee online or chat with people who are in the "same" boat as I am. All I can say hang in there ! You are not alone 🙂  

    Thanks!  😊  Today was a particularly crummy day.  I’ve got the screen time setting turned on...and currently I am over the 10 hour mark for online time today. Sad, pathetic and pretty embarassing on several levels..it was an 86 degree sunny day, none of the time was on productive things (mostly online shopping and googling/reading stuff that either makes me mad (news/political stuff) or makes me jealous (celebrity gossip/social media). I desperately need a hobby and someone other than my therapist who I can have a deep discussion with. This board and others I post on are my lifelines at the moment.

  3. 10 hours ago, Nightjar said:

    Ditto. I know exactly how you feel. I tend to go to places in nature where other people aren't and that's helpful to me. 

    Y'know if u lived nearby I would welcome you along but I realise you are likely not even in the same country as me. 

    I would also welcome along others here too. We would have quite the barbecue! 

    But, here we are alone. I'm thinking a support group would be a good place to make friends. The folks there would have a good idea how to understand our issues and most likely be in need of a friend too. 

    IDK if there any available near you or near me come to that. I don't know if I even have the guts to go.... But maybe..... 

    Thanks. 😊 

    I’ve vaguely looked into support groups ( this was pre-Covid though) and there wasn’t much of anything in my area. Guessing even less now. My therapist is belongs to a large mental health practice that has a number of different services so I will check with him if they have any available.

  4. I’ve never been on an airplane and honestly I have never really had the desire to either. Especially true now with all the viral videos out there of people freaking out on planes and in the airports. I’d like to visit a state on the other side of the country someday and I could techincally drive there...looking at a multiple day drive though. Several large cities and tourist places are within less than a days drive from my area so there are plenty of places to go without getting on a plane.

  5. Lonely and feeling down about the way things are going. It is a nice spring day and I wish I had something fun to do or someone to share it with. I live a few blocks away from a large park but I have no desire to go there alone and see groups of families and friends having fun and enjoying each other’s company on a sunny day. Lonely hurts...and today that hurts runs deep.

  6. On 6/2/2021 at 4:38 PM, sober4life said:

    That's a good point.  I'm 42 so who wants what is considered normal for 42?  I want to feel young again.  At my age the only energy I get is from coffee.  Without it I would have no drive for anything.

    I’m one year younger and I feel the exact same way. Coffee is my lifeline and one of the very few things in life that brings me any kind of joy.

  7. 18 hours ago, watalife said:

    Wendy's used to have good nuggets. Not anymore. Now they are rubber cartlige bites. All the restuarants are getting crappier and crappier. I guess it's time to stick to home food or just stop eating everything all together. 

    This has been a food update from watalife.

    Used to love their Frosty’s but have not had one or been to a Wendy’s in years. Not certain they are even still a thing but I am suddenly craving one now, lol!

     I am with you though on restaurants...especially in the world after Covid. A number of places I frequent have drastically cut back their menus and one place in particular won’t even give you a menu at all..you have to scan the QR code on your phone. No more salt, pepper or ketchup on tables either and asking for it can be kind of an ordeal. 

  8. Shopping at the outlet mall. Outlet malls, both the one here in my area and finding them in faraway spots away from home are one of my guilty pleasures. Don’t always buy stuff...but today I did. Went to one of my favorite lunch spots also. Also, having a opinionated day on one of the news related sites I post at.

  9. Getting to leave the house makes me feel a bit better. Went to the outlets today and bought some stuff. Lunch at one of my favorite places also.  Ranted a bit about something that is bothering me to my brother and he was a bit more understanding than usual. I still think most of my family is not on my side but I think he might be a bit more open minded about my point of view,

  10. 9 hours ago, Extremebeginner said:

    Interesting, Canada has an excellent health system in reality for physical illness. Despite all the talk, the mental illness part of the system is truly broken. There are almost no psychiatrists available on medicare, there are no psychologists on medicare and no therapists, that is of course unless you have been hospitalized for your mental health. Most insurance plans to cover the expenses are capped at 1000$ on a good plan, which will get you only 7 visits, before your treatment ends or you stop eating to cover the costs.

    presently there is nobody accepting new patients so you have to basically deteriorate to get near a doctor capable of helping. Family doctors can prescribe some psych medications.

    I’m at a real low point this month and Im feeling the Canadian system right now. If I had a physical illness diagnosis would be quick but Covid has created a three year backlog on elective surgery.

    it is tough. How is mental health support in the US with insurance, anyone, similar?

    I’m not far from the border so before Covid we had lots of Canadians coming down here to seek medical care and doctors/medical providers would run ads promoting that they are accepting Canadian patients. Not sure if that will be a thing anymore..at least for awhile as the border remains closed.

    I have insurance via my employer and have had no issues with obtaining therapy. The place I currently am at has quite a few therpaists available and also psych providers to prescribe meds. There are several other places in my area I could go to if needed.

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