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  1. On 6/17/2021 at 2:15 PM, In2deep4me said:

    Let's see.

    Around people you don't know. Never be too honest. mildly honest at most. Too much politically correct BS in the world. Strangers don't want to hear it.

    Around people you know. Be very honest, but not brutaly honest. Don't complain all the time or tell everyone about their faults. You just drive people away. It's a balance of good/bad news.

    At work. Never tell executives the brutally honest truth. Even it means saving them millions of dollars. They don't want to hear it. C-level types consider you a problem not telling them what they want to hear. Mid-level managers consider you a trouble maker because you tell them stuff they don't want to pass up the food chain to those C-level types. Line managers. Tell them anytrhing you want. They're powerless and just there to babysit, drive cattle, and do as their told. Fellow workers. Anything you complain about they have probably already heard. You're just preasching to the choir.

    In general anything that has "brutaly" in it is going to come back on you and then you'll be upset that someone does something brutal to you.

    I've learned to carefully craft my answers and comments if I don't want a ration of shyt for it, or worse...

    I have yet to return to the office but when I do, I am going to do whatever I can to avoid any sort of conservation or interaction with co-workers that is not work related. I have always been uncomortable with “small talk” and avoided sitting in tne lunch room and hardly ever attended gatherings or happy hours but now will avoid them 100%. I don’t like sharing personal info especially in regards to a certain issue that is a popular topic these days.

  2. Swamp like…only 70 degrees but high humidity so it feels uncomfortable. Huge temperature swing is forecast for next week…one day in the 80’s, the next day…barely 60 degrees. It’s been a pretty awful spring season here so far and summer doesn’t look to be promising either.

  3. Another awful day. Woke up feeling more anxious than usual and it was downhill from there.  Really mixed feelings as I would assume I will be returning to the office soon as my state has now ended the restrictions that were in place. I kinda of want to be back as working from home is beyond depressing at this point but I have concerns as well...my company has poor communication and organization skills so I don’t really trust them to get this right,

  4. 22 hours ago, anon22ae said:

    Once again, the "best by" date on the Hostess package was a couple days ago. Why do stores keep selling expired products? And why does the one package I neglect to check happen to be expired?

    This is why usually do not take the first item on shelf and reach to the back because the good dates seem to be shoved at the back or at the bottom while the expired or soon to be expired are at the front of the shelf. Plus the stuff in the front has probably been picked up and touched by a bunch of people also. I have always been OCD about that...even before covid. Also, one of the chain grocery stores in my area is notorious for selling expired/damaged merchandise.

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