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  1. 3 hours ago, sober4life said:

    These cold mornings are a preview of how the fall and winter will be for me now.  I'm in serious trouble.  Honestly I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to comb my hair today or put on my shoes and socks.  I really hate life.

    I can relate.  Work is especially tough for me right now. Struggle daily with motivation and things are kind of messy right now and that just adds to my frustration and lack of motivation.

  2. Struggling with work again. Lacking motivation and feeling overwhelmed by even simple tasks. Tasks I have done many times without a second thought. My work is sloppy…I make careless errors that I notice and probably others have caught as well. I don’t want to go above and beyond the bare minimum required of me. It didn’t use to be this way…when I first started at this job and my previous one, I dove into the work and wanted to learn new things and to assist others. Now? I am just going through the motions and becoming even more miserable and cynical with each passing day.

  3. On 8/30/2021 at 9:15 AM, sober4life said:

    I get to a point where I start thinking everything that happens could be an evil move by the government even to the point of saying oh no they figured out a way to control the weather with the hurricane.  I'm sure a lot of people get to that point.  There's no reason to trust or believe any of them are there to help me.  Any time I hear a speech it feels like Skeletor or some other villain is up there.  It's sad really but I have no faith in any of them anymore.

    I always was kind of “out there” and questioned things. A number of  events over the past year or so have made me a full blown cynic and my trust issues are deeper than they ever have been. I question everything. And by everything…I mean everything!!

  4. 23 hours ago, Depressedgurl007 said:

    Everyone who has the strength to pull away from the cravings and addictions are amazing people. I’m one of those who cant 🥲

    Same. I think I realize deep down my extreme caffeine addiction is a giant contributor to my anxiety but there is no way I can quit it. It is literally one of the only things that brings me any sort of contentment. Knowing me, I’d pick something else (probably something worse) to become addicted to.

  5. My family event the other day was another reminder of how much of an outsider I am and that no one (despite saying the opposite) respects point of view. That topic came up….the one that everyone but me agrees on.  They said the same things many others have said about those of us who don’t agree. Before I could say anything, the topic changed. I was going to say something because I am tired of being judged and looked down upon for having the opposing view. Wonder what they would have said…probably a lecture and tell me in so many words how awful I am due to my descision.

    I need to seriously consider a total blackout of news and social media. My anxiety and depression is spiking of late and today, a news item made me break down. 

  6. Going to my niece’s birthday party today and fully expecting it will spike my anxiety. Already a bit nervous in anticipation of it. There are going to be people there who are non.stop. talkers and last time around them, it got me anxious. Plus the topic of discussion (usually every single detail of vacations) is never one I am interested in or partake in. This is kind of out there and random but never being a Disney person myself, I have always been annoyed and uninterested in endless Disney talk.

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