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  1. 9 hours ago, Nightjar said:

    Eek. It's stormy and dark here today. I'm currently trying to muster the energy to get out for essential supplies. I got to therapy yesterday by some miracle and it was a pretty good session 🤔

    My mind wouldn't stop ticking over afterwards however which can be annoying. Still, it was nice to have somewhere to go more than anything and feel a little bit like a part of the world. 

    My weekly therapy session has been my saving grace, especially these past few months when things have gone really downhill for me.

    I don’t get out much at all since I work from home and basically just go out on weekends…to eat or shop. Even if it is just for an hour or two…feels good to be among the living. 

  2. I have been feeling increasingly uneasy and tense recently combined with missing my weekly therapy session was the cause I believe of a anxiety spike and minor panic attack yesterday. Nothing major happened that would have done it…my nieces and nephew were kinda loud and excited but that didn’t cause it. The weather was fine and I was at home so it had to be the growing amount of tension just came to a head.

  3. I’d love to spend the holidays on a quiet beach with no trace of decorations or music and nothing but sand and ocean waves crashing in the background. I realize I am the oddball on this (pretty much the case on most things as I have long been the “black sheep” of the crowd)  but I live in winter misery and am tired of cold, snowy, unpleasant weather this time of year. Also, lights and decorations do nothing for me.

  4. Best wishes to all!

    This board has been a lifeline for me as I do not have really anyone to talk with about things outside of my once a week therapy session.

    Uneasy and concerned about where things are headed, especially in my locale. Calm and rational thinking seem to be a thing of the past and decisions are made in a panic instead of being well thought out.


  5. You aren’t alone. I live in a place that has some of the worst and longest winters anywhere. This year, so far hasn’t been that bad but I am still having a bout with seasonal affective depression. Despite the minimal snow, it is still cold, windy and gray plus being dark before 5:00 PM is really depressing.

  6. On 12/18/2021 at 6:43 PM, sober4life said:

    They all play the same game the snake oil salemen used to play.  They come out of nowhere.  I mean did you ever hear of most of them before they ran for office?  They promise to solve all of your current problems and do nothing but take advantage of people and get rich and leave town.  I mean do you really know what happens to most of them when they're out of office?

    Yep! Their first and foremost priority…line their pockets and everything else, including doing to job they were elected to do takes a back seat. As I have said, the people in charge in my locale are beyond horrible. Even other nearby places are doing things the right way while they continues to make things more difficult because they crave power and total control of everything and everyone. Scary to say the least. Also, makes me even more anxious and depressed because I want to get of this place so bad (for lots of other reasons also) but there is no way it can happen…and I cannot handle that. 

  7. 15 hours ago, sober4life said:

    It will never end.  People all seem conditioned to keep it going.  If things are bad we have to go out and vote they say.  I say tell me one positive thing any of them have done for us.  I can't think of one thing.

    Amen to this. One of the things I am most concerned about right now is where things might be headed…especially where I live. The people in charge here are the worst of the worst.

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