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  1. Shopping at the outlet mall. Outlet malls, both the one here in my area and finding them in faraway spots away from home are one of my guilty pleasures. Don’t always buy stuff...but today I did. Went to one of my favorite lunch spots also. Also, having a opinionated day on one of the news related sites I post at.
  2. Getting to leave the house makes me feel a bit better. Went to the outlets today and bought some stuff. Lunch at one of my favorite places also. Ranted a bit about something that is bothering me to my brother and he was a bit more understanding than usual. I still think most of my family is not on my side but I think he might be a bit more open minded about my point of view,
  3. I’m not far from the border so before Covid we had lots of Canadians coming down here to seek medical care and doctors/medical providers would run ads promoting that they are accepting Canadian patients. Not sure if that will be a thing anymore..at least for awhile as the border remains closed. I have insurance via my employer and have had no issues with obtaining therapy. The place I currently am at has quite a few therpaists available and also psych providers to prescribe meds. There are several other places in my area I could go to if needed.
  4. Incredibly hopeless right now and my mind is in a dark place at the moment. Saying you care about ans respect someone and actually doing it are two very different things. Of course I always knew that but seeing it hit very close to home is tough.
  5. A different color/print of a handbag style that I like. Waiting for a possible sale or a discount code of some kind.
  6. Better than decent chance this isn’t going to go well....but I will give a go anyway.
  7. ^This...now more than ever. I got a pretty harsh lecture and a strong sentiment of disapproval because I have a different view/descision on something than the person who lectured me on it. Quite disheartening that I am not allowed to question and think differently without being judged on it by people I am supposed to trust wholeheartedly.
  8. I can relate. The amount of people I trust I can count on one hand. And even those I do trust...it is not 100%. I’m cynical and I question everything. And by everything, I mean everything! Not ideal I know, but getting burned one too many times and realizing that most things aren’t what they seem is better than blind trust in my opinion. Feeling low and pretty down. I don’t drive and I need to do some errands but my family members who would take me don’t seem interested and I have learned it is better for them to offer or to go when they need to go out than for me to ask as when I do, I usually get excuses or less than enthusiatic response.
  9. monicott17

    I did it

    I had to switch therapists not too long ago (not by my choice) as my therapist who I really liked working with moved away. I stayed with the same group and they just assigned me to someone else. It was a bit awkward at first, especially since the appointments are not in person and on video chat, which I don’t particularly like, but now I feel comfortable with him. The first few sessions were lots of questions and somewhat uncomfortable but helpful in the long run as it determined how future sessions would go and what to discuss, for me anyway. Also, been in situations in the past where I knew right off it wasn’t going to work..I tried to stick with it and it made me feel worse. Therapy can be tough and feel pointless at times but not certain I would have made it through the past year or so without it. Especially at the start, I was a wreck and my therapist was the only one I felt comfortable venting to. Good luck to you!
  10. No one in real life cares about or seems to respect my opinion. Deep down, I think I have always known that is the case but recently I have experienced it firsthand.
  11. I’m miserbale because work is crummy right now and because I can’t stop thinking about a particular situation and “what could have been”.
  12. I can relate...been especially rough for the past year or so.
  13. Anxious and uneasy. Becoming increasingly apparent that I am basically on my own island.
  14. Less than thrilled with my job right now...going to do the bear minimum required of me. Being helpful and trying to reach out isn’t worth it, gets you nowhere and is more of a hassle than a help lately. I’ve got to start looking elsewhere.
  15. Concerned about where things might be headed. I struggle immensely with making descisions of any kind really...even deciding what I want for dinner can be a dilemma at times. Something far bigger than that is likely going to be a pressing matter I need to decide on much sooner than I thought. I am nowhere near ready to make a descision but circumstances may force me to and I cannot handle that.
  16. Crummy week...but I feel a tiny bit better after my therapy session yesterday where I was able to speak freely and without judgement.
  17. Been a crummy work week so far and I am miserable...so I will be hitting my chocolate stash. And caffeine. Sweet, sweet caffeine. and
  18. ^This times 1000 today. I’m so sick of it all.
  19. Playoffs starting soon...nothing more intense than playoff hockey and those multiple overtime games ending at like 2:00 in the morning!
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