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  1. Winter blues continue to hit me hard. It is even affecting my work now. I have been struggling before with my motivation but the past week or so has been some of the worst. Luckily, things have been slow of late so I am not really that behind but if I don’t get it together soon, I probably will start to fall behind. Already a couple things to do that should have been done last week. I just don’t care and have no idea how I can make myself care again. 

  2. Meh… 😑. At least I get out of the house today for awhile even though it will be in crummy weather. Also, that game today…don’t care a bit! There is a good chance they will lose and many folks will not handle it well. This is one of the reasons I don’t care or get involved in fandom. Got enough going on and while sports can be a nice distraction for some, it just is not worth it to me.

  3. I am thinking I might need to do this soon. I don’t like wasting vacation days when I have nothing planned but right now I am struggling so bad, especially these last few days, that I am barely getting any work done. Things have slowed down and it is a tossup whether or not I have enough to do anyway and one of our clients has all but stopped sending things over. I let far too many vacation days go unused at my last job and I won’t let that happen again. 

  4. Struggling today. Didn’t sleep all that well and I continue to not be busy enough at my job. Work coming in has been less than usual of late and even moreso with the holiday this week. I have to stretch the work I do have out for much longer than I should and that isn’t a good feeling and makes the already long days feel even longer. 

  5. On 1/15/2022 at 10:48 PM, surfcaster said:

    Enjoying the Buffalo bills total annihilation of new england

    I live among their fanbase…and lets just say, they are uh, extremely loyal and passionate…as in throwing themselves into card tables for fun. Ans sitting for hours in 6 degree weather to watch them play. Not my thing at all but Buffalo is a super depressing place (and covered in deep snow at the moment) so if it helps the morale of others…than so be it.

  6. 5 hours ago, sober4life said:

    I meant there isn't any way on earth of getting down my driveway.  I just got a phone call.  One of the big things that was going on behind the scenes that I wasn't talking about was my aunt was in the hospital for 2 weeks with covid.  She passed away today.😢

    My condolences on your loss. 💐 

  7. 9 hours ago, sober4life said:

    So the storm is over.  I checked on everyone I know and they're fine and I'm fine.  We got 16.5 inches of snow here.:ermm:

    It seems for once they were correct (at least in my area) on the severity of this storm. Last I heard the total was around 20 inches. And looks like it will stick around for awhile. Maybe we will see the grass in tge backyard again by Easter time??? 🤨 

  8. On 1/16/2022 at 7:04 PM, iWantRope said:

    Now you've got me envious…wait, what is "snow"?

    I live in a tropical country near the equator, where it's NEVER below 81 deg F all year round, day & night…so I don't think I've ever seen this "snow" thing. 

    81 degrees year round… 😳!!!  It only gets that warm in July and August here…perhaps a few scattered days in June and September as well. But the weather here sucks for most of the time…including today. There’s close to 2 feet of snow on the ground right now…all in the last 24 hours as well. 

  9. Well after speaking with my therapist, I am feeling a bit better about things as I head out of town for the weekend. Still not sure how it will go but I will try my best.  There is nothing I can do about the storm that is coming in a few days and I have to force myself to remember that. It is going to suck but it is Janaury and winter…so of course there will be snow. And my location is far from the only one who will be impacted by it.

  10. I think today is the last “decent” day for awhile with normal temps. Starting tomorrow, bitter cold is returning. There is a uh, rather large outdoor event happening here this weekend and it is supposed to be beyond bitter cold.  I don’t care either way but you could not pay me enough money to be outside for hours in single digit temps with negative wind chills. Plus, the annoying weather folk are already teasing a “monster storm” that might be coming. 🙄

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