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  1. I am very apprehensive now waiting for everything to go wrong.
  2. I think we all need help here. Hopefully we can help each other.
  3. Thanks, im sure i will find lots of support here!!
  4. Its a great accomplishment to stop drinking
  5. I feel a little better today than the last few days
  6. Hope i can get some help here for my depression as well as helping others.
  7. Keep looking for other jobs but dont quit your job now till you find a better one. You will find a better one.
  8. Talk to them and explain your situation. Also, lots of places are hiring now if you are in the US. Try and find a job with more hours.
  9. Hopefully you will be here for a long time.
  10. I am sure you are not scum. For one thing you have overcome addiction which is very hard to do. As far as how i feel today, not well. My loneliness will not go away no matter what i try.
  11. Thats a good idea. I walk for 5 or 6 miles a day and it lets me clear my mind and temporarily forget about my problems.
  12. I hope things get better. I know the feeling all too well. No one cares if im alive or not.
  13. I hope you give yourself more chances. One thing to do is participate in activities so you expose yourself to more people.
  14. The only place i feel safe is when im asleep. I used to have a person to talk to but she is gone now.
  15. Glad you are feeling better. Also glad you discovered the source of the shortness of breath.
  16. Ignore the idiots!! Wait!! Thats means you wil ignore me, lol
  17. I feel pretty bad. Mostly lonely with no one to talk to. I was going to walk over to a restaurant to eat but the waitress i usually talk to isnt there. Yes, im down to talking to a waitress for company.
  18. Glad it works for you. I seem to have alot of negative people in my life.
  19. Is it continuing to get worse? One thing you can do is order your groceries online and either have them delivered or pick them up.
  20. Welcome to the forum. I agree, work with the Uni and see what kind of help they can offer you. I am impressed that you are doing alot of positive things.
  21. I hope you can soon find a bit of happiness. Take a potassium supplement when you eat a meal.
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