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  1. NOT sruck in the rat race? sounds good to me. How does anyone manage?
  2. Thanks for the nomination I love all your quotes, and don't forget to take my advice and have a "ME DAY" ya know, a "who gives a shit about any of it day"' ya deserve it!! "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti my FAVORITE. how perfect is that? what part of that could possibly not make total sense?
  3. it doesn't look like you're trying to bitch about anything. you just haven't gotten used to the fact that most so called humans are MORONS. including your "friends" your "family" your ((pause for cynical laughter and possible projctile hurling))....your, oh most of ALL, your alleged "CO workers" pffttttttttt not your fault. it takes a LONG time to get used to. just look how many "humans" voted for the Orange MONKEY. did that EVER make ANY sense? the first time and especially in 2020? it's hard to accept, belive and swallow but a real lot of people are dumber than a bag of shit. NOT ALL, perhaps not even MOST. but let us agree, WAY too many, including your peers who will never mature beyond what their pea brains had somehow assimilated by age 1.5 it's really not your fault. find new friends and F*** everyone else
  4. LOL!! well, it gets that way after awhile. if and when I get married again, I want us to buy a duplex to live in. his and hers
  5. eh......not so sure about TV. maybe you watch better shows than I do TV is ok I guess. I like Youube because it's easier to turn off and the urge to sit very long and tolerate it is much worse with a nice TV and a cozy couch! Yeah, Fairytale Romance is neat. I think we all need to invent our own versions of it. It really would be more fun if ya had someone in your life you could stand for more than a month. know what I mean? sort of like a couple who gets along well enough to cope with and use compromise as at least ONE of the tools to deal with challenges. 2 people who got along really well could write their own Fantasy Romance like a sitcom
  6. family sucks, period. I don't know huw old you are and it's none of my business but do yourself 2 or maybe 3 huge favors in life. 1. if that's your puddycat in the photo, always take good care of that rascal. your kitty will always be your friend, just like a dog would be 2. get away from your toxic family, especially your bird brained "Dad" 3. you're not shit on anybodys shoe. if the situation is so bad you can't leave right away, lay low as best you can. but plan on divorcing your "family" as soon as humanly possible.
  7. Oh, I see I missed that Ohio is not your bag. None of it? I guess you should know. sorry about the "dreary pointless days" comment. but aren't they? for everyone? unless you save a kitty, or a doggy, or some kind of deserving creature. geez, I GUESS even saving a human is a rewarding thing to do. i feel queasy now. ok, any day where any of us can actually do something decent for some good cause. but most often we're just doing time, right? figure out the best place for YOU to do time. again, sober4ever mentioned Hawaii. eh.........sounds lovely, but so does Grand Cayman Island. they're both out of my league. make a list of things you want in a small city, or dcent sized town, and search that way. good luck. I wish I could afford to move. at this point? Anywhere but here.
  8. Hey there. in my opinion, for whatever that is worth, all state in The United States that I have personally seen, or had ny experience with and all that, they all have the capacity to suck righteously, and conversely, have towns and cities that are pretty ok! sober4life said Ohio is pretty civilized. I wouldn't know, but I believe her. if it were me? I think I would do an extensive city and town search on a decent search engine. Will I get busted for Spamming if I say DuckDuckGo? I'm not a fan of Google. anyway, find a great CITY or town based on what you think is neat and might help you thru the dreary pointless days
  9. I feel queasy. I hope all the rest of you find today to be a day of solace and respite from the existential madness that is apparently the reason for life on our planet, or any planet. This is as good as it gets. That being the case, everyone take a day off from your own perception of lifes rich tapestry. Your perception is likely to be painfully accurate and the "tapestry" has been a ripoff since the dawn of time. That's why we need a day's break from even ackowledging the exsistence of this cesspool of life. Take a day, forget this misery. Who knows, it may turn into a habit. Is there anything to lose? Anything? I may take a day off myself. I still feel queasy
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