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  1. thank you for your support. I dont realy have any desire to drink
  2. I get very depressed, when i do i pull out eyebrows and lashes. almost totally permanent and bald. completely shaved head included.cant stop and dont want to. I enjoy it and like the look, been like this for 2 years now. I also want to be fullytrans have had top for over 20 years. twice got supper drunk and started to cut bottom. stillwan to but the last time landed me in a phyc hospital for 10 days, got let out because of covid. if i do it again that means at least 6 months involuntary up to 1 year stopped drinking for over a year nownut still get the urge. the commitment is the only thing stopping me. and I do get other thoughts too.
  3. I wonder if my depression is a medical issue from the drugs I take or food I eat, I have issues with my last blood work see Dr next week for followup
  4. all they want to do is more drugs that have bad side effects especially for diabetics or those with eyeproblems. I love it they give you anti depressants that can give you suicidal thoughts, dont make sense to me
  5. Svenetc. oh I do have gender issues been that way since my early teens. have wanted a sex change for a long time and now I want it more than ever thats why I cut my self twice . used to take hormones , have breasts and used to cross dress regularly. Thats all I think about is being trans. I am also Bi. when I was committed the Dr asked me if I wanted to be a woman and I lied and said no, but I am sure he could tell. when I was taken to the hospital I told them I wanted a change and to remove it
  6. like i said i do have gender issues but i have been reading if this is from a chemical imbalance like low vit D. many different opinions on the issue. as I said I dont want to go to therapy because i am afraid of getting committed again because of the cutting and hair pulling. thats why I want others opinions. thxs for your reply and I dont want to take drugs because of all the side effects
  7. Is anyone else afraid to start therapy. or see psychiatrists. I have gender issues but I am concerned that they will want me to take drugs and will want to have me committed again because of my depression and previous self injury and hairpulling
  8. since I stopped drinking I cant stop my self from constant snacking. I also have major severe depression , from what is in my records
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