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  1. After 16 months post-cold turkey Prozac, I think I have about 100% of my former visualisation back. It was literal hell and I didn't think I would ever recover this side of me. But here we are and I'm almost fully as I was before taking it, if not better. Because I literally exercised my visualisation these entire 16 months. The problem for me remains is this visualisation sometimes weakens during times when I didn't have enough sleep. And I have serious, very concerning emotional blunting which kind of defeats the whole purpose of visualisation. I literally can't feel fear for example, only the anxious, split-second reaction of the body. My emotions are no longer that "visceral" so to speak. But I hope it will heal as well as my visualisation. Take care guys I love you all, you are all warriors.
  2. I have very similar problem and my own story about using Prozac and it's impact on my imagination and visualization. Please answer if you have any improvements at all. If not, answer as well. I might be able to help because I ALMOST lost my imagination, but I'm able to bring it back piece by piece, like recovering from severe stroke or injury. It is hard, but there is progress.
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