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  1. @dazedandconfused1 I know how that can be. Sorry for all of the drama in your CO's life, it wasn't fair to him and his public image. I'm doing better by just avoiding this CO and I hope it fades. I often see him on my Facebook feed or book readers' IG feed, related to his show. Whenever I turn on Netflix I have to see the show's title, omg- I do this thing where I quickly close my eyes and click so I don't see it! Just to remove the temptation to keep watching the show. I only watched one episode. I already know that later on there are steamy scenes with him and a young beautiful co-actress, that's NOT something I wish to see for the sake of my marriage.
  2. I made an account just so that I could reply to this thread! I have a CO right now, and it's making me just plain sad. It's probably because I have an SO, who I've been with for so long. I have trouble sleeping lately because I'm thinking of this CO and how gorgeous he is, and I'm literally lovesick. Of course I can't tell my longtime SO, it feels like cheating in my mind. I'm hoping someone can relate, this is the only place on the Internet I've found where other women talk about feeling exactly how I do. Celebrity crushes are supposed to be fun, and I've had them in the past. I have only watched one part of the media this actor is in and I knew I couldn't watch any more. I'm so sick in love, it's ridiculous. He appeared on another media interview recently and I just about died of passion! Is this nuts or what? My poor husband. It's not fair to him.
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