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  1. Easier said than done ... I hit bottom 2 years ago - I thought and slowly climbed back upwards ... just to find out it was not bottom yet. I am tired of trying - Thanks for the nice post though !
  2. Sorry to read that ! You should be more than excited and I hope it gets to you before the weekend. I can read a lot of positive in your short post despite the "no excitement" and I can assure you I would be thrilled to even have something like that to look forward to.
  3. Inconclusive - that shout sum up the first week of this year I am tired of it though. I wish I could light up a fire within myself an feed of it. Maybe some other day. As the days go on I educate myself more about anxiety and I assume I have that. Friends pointed it out to me and now I want to deal with it and beat it. It will be a challenge for sure.
  4. I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas . Despite all "our battles " I hope you can win some joy out of this holiday. I am thankful for the past year. I found this forum and I found precious encouragement within here. Between here and a Chat site I attend daily I managed to live with my situation differently than a year ago. So thank you all and have a good Christmas - make the best possible out of it .
  5. Hi, I suppose you would not ask that question if you would not care. So despite any other issues. Do it - send her a message. You won't be able to bring your mom back when she is gone. Not everything , but almost everything can be helped and fixed. Always takes two. So I would encourage you to do so and wish her Happy Holidays
  6. As long as it is in a positive way - Good for you My things usually go from one the the next thing as well ... not fixing stuff- but life in general. Sometimes it brings a smile onto my face and sometimes causes sort of anxiety. Wish the " unexpected" would make up it's mind
  7. I wish you all the strength to battle that entire situation and I am positive you will have that mastered some day. You seem like you can do it. But the irritable part I sadly can relate to and do not know how to handle it either. It goes by the day. Some are fine some are bad. It is not that I feel irritated towards others - just myself and the situation I am battling for almost 2 years now. But sometimes there is a light and I latch on to the rays and cling on. ( I know it is just a said "thing" but that is what it feels like ). It makes me smile internally and create hope and faith for the next day.But the next "glitch" ...I find myself at square one. .. that is what sucks... every time
  8. I know what you are going through ... I just sat here a few minutes ago and wondered what I will "say" (type) to get my point across in my own situation because I am just un-voluntarily stuck I finally typed it , read it over and over and finally sent it. I have no therapist or such - just a bunch of nice people around me and I want to move on so bad. But I hesitated to "push" for relief. Now I just did. I will see if I even get a response. But at least I did make a move - knowing that I wanted to do that for several month. I wish you best of luck on your task
  9. worse feeling to have ... sorry to read . Hope you get that shaken off
  10. I hate them days , but I can for sure relate. You feel restless, have stuff you would like to do and yet you are bored out of your mind. The only " cure " that I have found is to stay 100% occupied. For me it is work. So I sign up for overtime any chance possible. Since July I was off for 2 days. The rest I worked. It helps me. Financially anyway, but I have no time to sit and think and get bored. The weather I believe is innocent, although it "sucks" right now and going forward for the next 6 month.... not looking forward to that
  11. But we do ladysmurf .... and we are not doctors .... but we kinda know how you feel. maybe we do. I hope you cling on to hope and find relief
  12. Hi Duck - Happy weekend to you as well. Hope you feel better soon. That thinking of happy moments in the past thing is not working for me. It has an adverse effect. Makes thinking worse. I always look at my "Now" and try to get out of that box to see what is out there in the "future". Reason that works for me best is - the past happened and I can't change or lay back on. But the future I can control by any action I take. So that is my go-to option. Have a great Saturday Duck .... and hopefully you get your "ducks" in a row at your terms soon
  13. You have all reason to be proud of you ! Congrats ! You mastered the downs of life so far and advanced outside of that "bubble" Happy for you !
  14. I sure hope it helps you. I am not familiar with medications and avoid them whenever I can. But if it provides relief for you maybe it is worth a shot. Wish you best of luck
  15. Thanks sober I am actually the same way. I do not decorate because it is a certain time or holiday. I used to pick up stuff at random and use it to decorate. Irritated the hell out of people sometimes but who cares. For example I bought a palm tree and my cat back when chewed off all the leafs ... 5 years later I still had that tree with no leafs but a rope light. I am weird like that. I used to buy fabric and fishing line and create an artificial cloud on my ceiling. All stuff I used to do and never felt weird or bad. Now it is just strange because my kids come here and my house looks the same all year around. No decorations anymore and no personality. Just like me. One event took all out of me and I try to shake that off for almost 2 years now ... That is why I am in here. And all of you are very inspirational. I am thankful for that
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