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  1. Hello, I am a woman in my 50's who has battled depression and anxiety for all of my life. Back in 2007 I want to counseling and learned a lot of coping mechanisms and thought I was handling things well. I was able to get a job, work for over ten years, make friends and be happy and free for the first time. Moving ahead now, I have regressed to the point where I was before I started everything. I don't know how to recover, i don't know what coping skills to use. I have lost many relationships and friendships because of my insecurity and possibly paranoid. My job has suffered, my confidence is so low. I miss having confidence and having that beauty inside. I know when it started, I know what day my depression resurfaced. It was over a year ago, but I thought I could handle it. It was in August of 2019. I had a situation that I was not proud of and it knocked me back. It was like I could see time reverse. I now know that I cannot do this alone. I know it is time to reach out. Time to get help because no one should live like this. Thank you for listening. Ellie
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