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  1. I used to comfort eat all the time. Never really thought much of it until I was at my heaviest and diagnosed with diabetes. Snapped out of old habits quick and changed my diet to healthy foods and made sure to exercise every day. I ended up going to therapy because I had a weird relationship with food after that. I was scared of carbs or anything that would spike my sugar. My therapist kind of specializes in eating disorders. I worked through it and now don't fear foods that will make me feel bad. I have learned to balance things out. I do still like walking everyday. I will alternate with lean shakes as a meal replacement or a snack because I know exactly how many calories and how many carbs. It a tough balance but you have to just keep a healthy perspective and balance.
  2. I have been having a rough past couple days. Im so bored too. Trying to stay busy but there isn't much to do with the lockdown. I work from home so I don't go out much except to the store etc. Saturday and Sunday were especially lonely and boring. My husband and son had to work, my younger son just plays video games and my daughter who is my buddy went to visit my brother in California for a little while because she was so bored here. Theres lots to do but can't gather in groups so it limits everything. I literally struggled to stay busy the past couple days. If I don't stay busy I like to drink and they sucks because it just increases my anxiety and depression. I don't like to talk too much about it to everyone because it feels like I'm a burden. I had a tele health therapy appointment and I loved that but its not the same as in person therapy. Im just struggling right now. I don't want to take meds either. I already hate taking a diabetes medication but also don't to have to relay on another medication either.....
  3. Im struggling with this too. I work from home so I try to stay busy but lately I've been getting really tired in the afternoon. But on the other hand I have not been sleeping good at night. I have been having anxiety in the night too. It'll wake me up and my heart is beating fast and I have to make a conscious effort to calm down and relax. I don't like to nap in the day because I know I will have a hard time falling asleep at night. For some reason lately night time makes me anxious. I used to love the night. Now I can't wait for the sun to rise. I think our bodies and mind are working so much harder to adjust to this new normal.
  4. I just saw this topic and can absolutely relate. I have diabetes and ever since my diagnosis I have been trying to find a forum that I can reach out. None of the people I know have depression or do not admit to it. I lost a group of my closest friends because I was going through something that they couldnt relate to. I couldnt eat or drink what they did and they didn't understand. I was having some emotional rollercoaster and they were not there for me through it all. Since I no longer hang out with them I feel super isolated and haven't really found friends like that group where we would hang out like we did. It kept me social but once things changed I went into somewhat of a hole. Its weird for me because I am so super social and love being around others. Now with covid its hard to do anything or go anywhere. Now I noticed the depression has made me drink more and lose interest in a lot of things I used to love. Trying to find a balance and an outlet.
  5. I noticed I have been having anxiety attacks at night. I'll be sleeping and then ill wake up sweating and feeling terrible. I haven't tried medication yet but I have a prescription. I was hoping to take something that works instantly just those kinds of moments. I have Wellbutrin and was hoping to not have to take something all the time. Ive been using lavender on my neck and In my diffuser. I also notice when I have an anxiety attack I am also clenching so its causing some tmj issues with my jaw, neck and ear. I tried wearing a night guard but its doesn't only happen at night. I mentioned to my dentist but they just said night guard. Its also changed my bite. Anyone else have any advice on this?
  6. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes I had the hardest time losing weight. Id lose a little and then gain it back. Have always been pretty active. Once I was diagnosed I lost 35 lbs in a couple months. Only after I had to change my diet so drastically did I realize I wasn't eating as healthy as I thought. I really like MFP to log my food and monitor my weight loss. The hard part was my relationship with carbs. They scare me. I try to incorporate healthy carbs but for the most part my diet is lean protein and lots of veggies. I have to make a conscious effort to have good snacks around or lean shakes for a meal replacement. I lost about 15-20 lbs since thanksgiving. Its definitely a personal choice of how to live a healthy lifestyle. I find that its a trial and error for what works for you.
  7. Had been doing pretty good and slowly I find myself slipping a little. Ill do good not drinking and then all of a sudden I'll binge. Its not because of anything specific it just slowly happens.Thats when I have bouts of anxiety. Its a horrible cycle and I know how to moderate it but I just slip. Then ill do good for awhile. I do everything else good. I exercise daily and eat really good. But then theres alcohol. I have Wellbutrin and thats supposed to help with addiction cravings. I just don't want to take meds. I take diabetes meds and Im trying to wean off that. My neighbor took Wellbutrin and he said it was horrible. He felt like a zombie. Well see. Thanks for the encouragement.
  8. Just eat like you're a diabetic. A diabetic diet is a great tool for weigh loss. Its pretty simple. Low carbs, lots of veggies, lots of protein, lots of water. I lost 40 lbs in a few months when I was first diagnosed. I used to LOVE carbs and sugars. Drank soda everyday. Once I was diagnosed I changed everything right away. Food for life is my theory. Netflix and Amazon prime have some great documentaries on eating for life. I used to love to snack. Now everything I eat I have to remember affects my blood sugar and how I feel.
  9. Yes! That is very possible. My friend who has a history of depression and anxiety just recently had some labs done and her doc suggested it could be her thyroid. I know in women it has a lot to do with our lady hormones. But men too. Especially when you are going from teen years to adult life. Its definitely an adjustment. Keep trying to get help. Maybe find a new therapist. I love mine but I think she's too nice. I think I need someone that is a little more assertive.
  10. My family has a history of depression and anxiety. I had never experienced it until it hit me like a brick wall. It started when I was diagnose with diabetes at 38. It was like my life changed forever and something triggered in my brain. I went to counseling, was prescribed medication but I had a hard time accepting that I might need meds. I have highs and lows. I really hate the feeling of being down. Its physically and mentally exhausting. I found these kinds of forums to help. I definitely would not recommend alcohol. That was my first reaction was to not feel. But that just made more problems and higher levels of anxiety and depression. Reaching out, having an outlet, going to therapy and finding a positive hobby/activity. I like painting and walking. I find that when Im having a really rough time l like to journal. I also would write positive affirmations around my house to reinforce strength and inner calm. Also, saying positive things to yourself, out loud or quietly. I do it all the time when I am struggling. You are strong, you are amazing, you can do this.
  11. Im so sorry Logan. Its rough at any age but you are still so young. I have a 20 yr old son, 19 yr old daughter and a 14 yr old son. As a mother all you want is for your children to be happy. My daughter was dating a boy a couple years ago and he broke up with her by text too. She is like my husband and really isn't too emotional but I could tell she was hurting. My son is more like me and super affectionate and sensitive. You are worthy of a great relationship. Have you been to counseling? The pandemic has made it hard to maintain or start new relationships. Im 41 and married and I still feel similar feelings. One thing I learned is not to let your relationship define you as a person. I hope you are having a better day.
  12. Hi Everyone! New to this forum. So glad I found it. I belong to a couple other forums for other topics and I found it so therapeutic. I don't want to keep talking about it to my family because I know it can get tiring. No one really posts about depression and anxiety on social media so its hard to find a medium to relate to others. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and mild episodes of depression 3.5 yrs ago. It was around the time I was diagnosed with diabetes and everything changed for me. Trying to accept diabetes and the many changes I would have to make was huge. I felt different than others because I couldn't eat and drink like I used to. Went to therapy for a while and loved it. I was doing great most of the time and then I would have an episode along the way. Had a falling out with a best friend who was huge in my daily life and social life. So when that happened I had to make some other changes. I noticed I was really hesitant to take meds. I was prescribed Wellbutrin but never took it. Would just self manage and every once in a while I would take a low dose (not even 1 pill) of valium. Hardly took that even. But then I noticed I would self medicate with alcohol. It would be spaced out for awhile and then it would be a couple times a week. Slowly I would drink everyday. If I drank a lot I would get used to that much and keep drinking more and more. Then I would feel horrible physically and then it would make my anxiety so much worse. I would stop drinking and doing really good and slowly again back into the cycle. I joined a sobriety forum and it helps but not all people that have alcohol problems experience anxiety and depression so thats why I reached out here. I had never had anxiety or depression but I remember my mom and sister always being on antidepressants. I never understood it. My thoughts like many others is 'just get happy'. Only after experiencing it for myself did I truly understand that its not the simple. Covid just exacerbated the emotions because our social interactions have changed so dramatically. Even now with tele health appointments I don't get to sit in therapy in person so it makes it harder too. I was able to get an appointment and can't wait. I have been journalling more now to get more of the emotions out of my head. I feel like when I hold it in I feels heavy. Thank you for listening and I can relate so many stories here.
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