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  1. I cannot believe I literally made an account just to talk about this very niche struggle because I feel like nobody else I know gets it and I wondered if there were any people struggling with depression who have found it super hard to get a job? I'm 19 and I'm currently on a break from university because I was struggling so badly with depression. I decided to take this time off to get a job, get immersed in therapy, start up yoga again, etc. but job hunting literally mangles my self esteem and makes me feel so much worse. It makes it about ten times harder because I haven't had an official job before, and I've been applying for any job I could find for years now all to no avail. It's getting harder and harder to be able to motivate myself to apply for a job because I'm so used to rejection that I'm just thinking that I shouldn't bother. It's such a draining process only to be told no over and over again. It also makes me feel envious of my friends who have jobs/can get jobs easily. One of my closest friends showed up to a job interview with little experience whilst high off her ass and got the job immediately. I have other friends with no experience who have managed to get jobs with almost no struggles. Why does it seem to be only me who can't find a job? It's just so exhausting having depression whilst looking for work. Does anyone else relate? It would be so nice to know it's not just me who feels this way...
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