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  1. I will try YouTube! Sounds much better. My love of animals is extreme and my husband and I co-founded our wild animal refuge - PrideRock Wildlife Refuge almost 30 years ago. We care for lions , tigers, bobcats , bears and wolf hybrids. It has been the most rewarding part of my life but the losses are the hardest part and bring more sadness than I can bear at times. We also have about 20 dogs that have been dumped in our area and rescued by us. I have no kids, therefore these animals are my kids and I love them with all my heart! Our website is www.PrideRock.org if you would like to see our story!
  2. Thank you for the great reminders!! All good ideas. I’m involved in animal rescue which is a huge positive part of my life. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need to be on Facebook so much because I get sadder and more depressed seeing all the horrible animal abuse that goes on.
  3. Thank you! You’re right - everyone is different in response to these meds. It has been harder for me to get out of bed in the morning. It be trial ans error to see what finally works.
  4. Thank you! I will have to work with my dr until we get it right!
  5. My psychiatrist recently took me off Abilify which I had been on for years and started me on Seloquel because he thought the abilify was causing me to have involuntary jerky movements which out didn’t really notice. I’m also on generic Lexapro, Deplin and Adderall. I have been a crazy mess since going off the abilify - want to sleep all the time, have no interest in anything, sad, depressed, worrying about everything and general dysfunction. He has upped the dosage of Seroquel but hasn’t helped a lot. I’m working remotely and just trying to keep my job!!
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