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  1. as i stated in the title, i'm 14 and feel like i've run out of options. i go to school for mental health/special needs kids but my depression has only gotten worse. what's even more painful is that i've fallen for someone who i can never have. the lovesickness and separation anxiety, along with constant regret over every breath i take within their presence, has made being alive nearly unbearable. half the time i'm so empty inside, but lately i've had this sickening depression. when i get on the bus, I sob and it keeps happening in short bursts when I get home. i can't stop just... idk. i'm so depressed, and i can barely make it through the weekends. school just gives me something to ****ing do but the weekend is here and i don't want it!!!!! i can't do this anymore. im running out of options. i have nothing to live for anymore. im so tired of being alive. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO ****ING DO WITH MYSELF ANYMORE.
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