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  1. Supporting my son even more,he has been seeing a therapist and was diagnosed with being bigender on Wednesday. Ex wife is even supportive too and glad she is,told him she loves him still no matter what.He is 18 still will crossdress part time deciding when he wants to dress as his female ego at times.
  2. Seeing my ex wife this week and told her she will be invited to the wedding.Did take it well which we still talk to each other on good terms still
  3. Finally finding a hair and make up artist that will do my hair and make up including for my bridesmaids for the wedding next year.She never turned me down and said she will never turn down a transsexual woman.Four other places turned me down
  4. Happy,my son finally thanked me for helping him coming out as a part time crossdresser and being supportive.This has brought us together even more and I see his femme side Nikki as a part time daughter in my life.My daughter learned from it too,came out as a lesbian to me last night also has been dating a girl and told her I still love her.
  5. The repo cars get picked up taken to the auction,we can't sell them.Did repo a new 2021 Mercedes Benz lately,young kid bought it new and only made 3 payments on it.When my repo guy went to get it in the open,would not hand over the key fobs at first.Bank notified us sending the paperwork.
  6. Wedding is going to be next year,we have time planning this out
  7. Being engaged to a very loving and accepting fiance.He proposed to me on Friday night and told him yes with tears of joy coming out my eyes.Knowing he loves and accepts me for who I am,know he will be great husband in my life.His mom also is happy for us including his dad.Good thing is his mom and dad are going to love me like any daughter in law knowing I am a pre op transsexual.Me,going to learn what it is going to be a bride for the first time.
  8. Own a towing yard and repair shop with a business partner.Just started getting into the repo business 2 weeks ago,have two great repo guys so far and making the banks and credit unions happy getting vehicles repossessed which the debtors owe money on
  9. Doing great and has been a smile on my face ever since.I knew something was up with my boyfriend lately 2 weeks ago and said wait patiently.He got on one knee and asked me to marry him last night.With tears of joy out of my eyes,told him yes.
  10. It taught my son and daughter too,make the right choices in life learning from me.Both do teaching them this
  11. It was and that old me was gone.The wrong people that I hung around were doing the drugs doing underage drinking.It did teach me discipline and respect too.Those wrong people I hung around,told them out of my life for good.Didn't need them in my life anymore
  12. Biggest positive decision in my life was enlist in the Marines.I was the 18 year old young man at the time working job to job sitting around doing nothing.I did hang around with the wrong people too.My parents told me I needed to do something in my life and knew they were right.It was 2 weeks after I graduated from high school and finally one day I went down to the Marines recruiting office and enlisted.Came back home and asked me where I was,told them I enlisted in the Marines.They were proud of me for that.Toughest part was saying goodbye to my parents at the airport leaving for boot camp.Made it through boot camp and my parents saw a 100% complete turn around in me on graduation day.I was a nobody at first and became a better person out of it.I am proud of my 8 years in the Marines to this day.Mom,she saw the changes in me first after I got out of boot camp.It was after that my dad saw it too.I have read of so many cases of the military turning people's lives around in the right direction in life.A couple uncles of mine were the same way too,one did time in the Navy and the other did time in the Marines too.
  13. Being with some good friends tonight,all LGBT veterans.I did my time in the military,8 years in the Marines.Met them 3 years ago 2 weeks before I started my transition and completely supported me through my transition.I learned a lot from them with them telling me their story and helped me through everything
  14. Happy,seen my dad and thanked him for the support he gave me finally.Said he will always love me as a daughter that replaced an unhappy son.He loved the card he got from me too
  15. I feel so good,watched my son graduate from high school tonight.My ex was there too and she knew we both raised him right.
  16. Feeling good,my boyfriend saying he finally has found his soul mate in his life,me.Looked at him and said I like him a lot for loving and accepting me for who I am.Good thing is we both see ourselves spending the rest of our lives together.
  17. Coming out to my family as bisexual going well and glad it went great.Still supportive and gets better.Have a girlfriend,Gretchen in my life whom is also a pre op transsexual.Gretchen and I talked today,said she wanted to know me more and said I liked her as well.
  18. Starting to come out more,Discovered I am also bisexual lately liking pre op transsexual women.My good friend Michelle whom is also a pre op transsexual I met two years ago made me realize to discover more about myself.She is also bisexual liking women and pre op transsexual women invited me to go with her to a lesbian bar 4 weeks ago.Decided to go with her and met another pre transsexual woman named Gretchen there.Gretchen liked me and said I looked good and then it happened with Michelle watching it happening.We kissed and turned into more,got intimate going into one of the rooms.She figured I am pre op and loved hearing that telling her this.Michelle saw I had a fun time walking out and we talked more.Asked me I discovered more about myself telling her yes,I like pre op transsexual women too.Michelle said that is cool.Good thing is my boyfriend is 100% supportive,came out to him about this on Wendsday night.Going to come out to my family tonight on this as bisexual.I still keep in contact with Gretchen and looks like she will be my girlfriend,she wants me in her life.
  19. Learned through my transition starting 2 years ago,I would discover things new about me
  20. Great.Met up with my good friends Jackie and Michelle whom are also pre op trans women too.Finally thanked them for the advice and help they gave me during my transition meeting them 2 years ago.Also discovering something about me lately,bisexual like pre op trans women only.plans are to come out tomorrow to my family.Boyfriend accepts it and is supportive,came out to him last night
  21. Seeing my son learn from me and glad he learned from me.It has been coming out about himself,he came out as a part time crossdresser 3 months into my transition.he goes by Beth when dressed as female and knows I love and accept Beth with my support.Also my daughter loving and accepting Beth as great big part time sister.
  22. I have my tow truck drivers trained to get out and ask where to drop them at.This common sense,get out and ask first where to put them at.One shop owner,he hates it when they are dropped off at the shop enterance or in the middle of the parking lot.He gives us a good name too
  23. Very good,two new tow truck drivers I hired are doing good so far.Hear good news out of the shops we drop off cars.Get out and go in asking where to drop them at first.
  24. It has worked out well,it also taught my son something called come out about himself.3 months into my transition,he came out as a part time crossdresser going by Beth.Told him I was proud of him and love and accept Beth as a part time daughter
  25. Relationship with my kids is a whole lot better.I have a son and daughter from a previous relationship.Son is now 18 and daughter is 16.They were 16 and 14 at the time seeing I was depressed after I turned 40.I didn't want to tell them at first and felt guilty after that.It was after I was diagnosed with this that they were finally told and told them another reason for it.Told them I am transgender and planned on becoming a woman.It was hard for them for a couple months at first.They learned I suffered in my past from my dad being mean to me holding me back from coming out as transgender.Did find help for them as well and this was when I started my transition 2 years ago,thought they were going to lose their dad for good.Explained to them I was going to be in their life as dad but much happier as my true self.It has been one step at a time with the changes,they learned dad is now happy as a woman as a pre op MTF transsexual.They have said they love me as their dad still with my life back.Call me Allison and dad to this day.Learned it was tough for me to open up to them about my past.I admit I am proud of them for accepting this and know I live a happier life to this day.
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