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  1. Time with my kids,son's birthday turning 18 today.He is my oldest and his birthday wish was seeing me happy for the first time and he loves me as his dad still.Made me tear up a little bit telling him thank you.Have a daughter too whom did turn 16 last month that told she loves me as her dad still now happy as a woman now.
  2. It has and my ex wife sees me much happier.She has moved with no grudges and has since remarried.I was invited to her wedding too.I felt what my dad did to me was holding me back from coming out at an early age.I overcame it and proud of myself.I also learned to love myself too from it
  3. What also helped was reading well known transgender activist Andrea James's story whom transitioned too.Her story encouraged me not to give up and is my positive role model in my life.Mom knew she wanted a daughter and knows she has one now,an unhappy son that became a much happier daughter.Good thing was my business partner and I are still together and our employees adapted to the changes of me becoming a woman very well.
  4. Feel good,boyfriend and I talked having sex for the first this week and had it last night.I was glad he didn't force it and we talked talked about it.We both loved it,his first time with a transsexual and I saw he loved it.
  5. Coming out as transgender was the best thing I did in my life.I felt being the youngest brother feeling inside I was really a girl from the inside born the wrong gender.I was 6 years old at the time when I felt this.It was tough hiding it in for a long time.Worst part was my no good dad always on me wanting me to be like my two older brothers,tough and masculine.He is no longer in my life,left when I was 7 years old.Freshman year of high school,secretly crossdressed trying on girl's clothes at first.My family never knew this and led a male life still.It was haunting me a lot and secretly crossdressed more on my own in my adult life going out dressed as female.I also knew that I was a woman from the inside and hid this too.Held it in and it got worse.Two years ago,it was 3 days after I turned 40 I had the anxiety and was depressed.Got help for the depression at first and my therapist knew there was something else wrong with me too.Had a tough time opening about this first and knew it had to come out.Married at the time,ex wife was concerned and we were having marital problems too.Finally one day I opened up to my therapist being transgender feeling I am really a woman from the inside.She was proud of me and did refer me to a great gender specialist whom did diagnose me with gender dysphoria.The decision was easy for me,transition and next step was not an easy coming out.First was to my family,told them I am really a woman from the inside and going to transition.I was tearful,my mom and my brothers hugged me telling me they still love me.Also said they were going to support me through my transition too.Did a good job of supporting me,they love me as a daughter/sister now.My ex wife and I were seperated at the time and it ended up in divorce.Good thing is my ex wife and I divorced on good terms and still speak to her.I started my transition 2 years ago and it was well worth it,decided not to have the GRS last month.I am completely happy as a woman now,my family fully supports my decision not to have the GRS.Knew it was my decision and not theirs to have this done.Also have a great loving boyfriend Mitch I met last month,he sees me as a woman and loves me for who I am.Also supports my decision not to have the GRS.I don't regret doing this and glad my old life, "Alex" is gone.
  6. Mom inviting me over for supper last night,my brothers came too including nephews and nieces.My boyfriend came too.My brothers each said this about me and is true: I would rather have a happy sister with a great life than a dead brother that suffered a lot.I also thanked them for supporting me through my transition and this included my mom.Know my family loves and accepts me still knowing I am seen as a daughter and sister now,nothing has not changed here.
  7. The past life I had before I transitioned.Found out I had more Male clothes I forgot to get rid during my transition to female.Going goodbye tomorrow
  8. Having fun yesterday,tried on 1860s American Civil War era dresses.Loved it and bought the dresses I tried on.
  9. A couple good friends and I doing something fun today,trying on American Civil War era dresses.I always loved the beautiful feminine shape of them and know it wasn't like today back then putting them on.Doing it this afternoon.This lady is into them big time and I will probally buy a couple of them and have her make me one.
  10. Met up with a new employee,dropped off his toolbox and picked up his uniforms Went shopping with mom,saw a pair of heels I wanted and bought them although I didn't need anything
  11. New employee I hired coming in tomorrow.Came down today to drop off his toolbox and picked up his uniforms.So far he likes the place so far and has no issues of me being transgender,Kindly asked about me telling him I am a pre op transsexual.Said he sees me like any normal person in life.Also told me he is a part time crossdresser having supportive parents including a younger sister and knows he is not alone being in the transgender community.
  12. Very happy.Mom told me she is glad to have a very happy daughter in her life now and doesn't miss the unhappy son she once had.We did a little shopping and she liked the pair of heels I bought.Knows I love shoes since I transitioned 2 years ago.
  13. Good.Realizing I have my family that loves me as a daughter and sister with no burdens of me that became the real me.Supported me through my transition too with the no changes to the family.My kids still in my life that see me much happier and say I am still their father.Finally my boyfriend Mitch,he loves me for who I am and the song I Could Not Ask For More by Sara Evans describes what happened when I met him in December
  14. Been a heavy and semi truck mechanic for 22 years now,still good at it even when I began my transition to female 2 years ago.Own my own towing yard now with a great business partner.
  15. Biggest encouragement is my boyfriend Mitch.Great guy in my life and we met in December.He knows about me,I am a pre op transsexual.Told him 2 days after we started dating and has no issues with it,said he loves me for who I am.He knows I have dealt with depression from what my dad put me through,anxiety issues.I knew I was born the wrong gender since I was a young kid,dad asked me why I was not like my two older brothers.He even tried to control my life as well and that wasn't going to happen.Mitch has dealt with this very well telling him this and supporting me.He has dealt with it as well,his dad was very physically abusive to him as a kid.Has taught me to move on with my life and is glad I am living a much happier life as my true self which I started my transition 2 years ago at age 40.I see him in my life for good.He come from a good family with his mom and step dad and two younger sisters.His family has been great to me whom have accepted me in.They see us happy together knowing we went through the same thing.
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