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  1. Use non reaction by making a conscious choice not to join an ocd argument. Ocd arguments are like tennis matches, if you don’t return the ball the game stops. Imstead of adding fuel to the fire resist retaliation responses and cut the momentum before it escalates. Instead of hitting the tennis ball back you choose not to return the volley. Let it pass you, let the game stop. Ocd insults that don’t land cannot spread or develop. Practice offering a positive alternative or encouraging solution based thinking. Instead of crashing your car, gently apply the brakes, stop, engage neutral and assess the situation. Ponder, then decide, then manoeuvre, logically and safely. Detach from attacks. Detachment is choosing not to have a drama to defend. Passing the baton in a relay; don’t take it and the race stops. It takes greater courage to resist confrontation, be courageous. Progressively attacks and insults have less effect on you. You don’t feel the need to retaliate or argue because you see the repetition for what it is. Practice catching your thinking, noticing your thoughts. Stepping back long enough, often only a split second, to self enquire before being drawn into an argument or retaliating. Notice what happens when you decline an invitation to an argument, it cannot go anywhere without an exchange, game over. Enquire why you are reacting and why you feel you need to defend against intrusive thoughts. Stop and explore what, why and how you can rise above, how you can look again and see differently. Next time you sense yourself having a reaction, try honing in on one word that specifically describes the why of your reaction. This fast tracks you to acknowledge what in you is causing your reaction and very often instatntly highlights a clear and obvious illusion. If you hone in on a word such as “anger” keep going and explore the why beneath it and stick to one word each time, to help uncover reasons for the anger rather than accepting or stopping at the single label of anger. Experiment also with honing in on single word positive actions which simplifies any self enquiry, examples might be; ignore, acknowledge, accept, surrender, move. This helps you note and process rather than attacking, defending or reacting. Non reaction is 100% positive and solution orientated focus. Stop, look and listen to your thoughts and what is being said and you can rise above by choosing non reaction. It rakes a second to have a reaction and a second to choose non reaction; spend your seconds wisely, for they make the minutes, hours, days and years of your life. The art of non reaction is the positive way; the way of solutions and how you can change your life for the better. [unknown link removed]
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