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  1. If you found someone who loves you despite of everything, hold on to him. Never let that opportunity go because not everyone gets that kind of love.
  2. It makes me feel good to read this. I am glad that everything is working out for you. Well, there is nothing you should be but happy. So continue doing that and I wish you the best!
  3. I don't mean to sound judgmental or what because I understand that every individual is different. I also have things that pacify my frustrations, uncertainties, and all. Not that they're also you're reason, but what do you think you get from gambling? What part of your life grows and prospers by gambling? BTW, great job on quitting smoking. It surely is a difficult thing to do as I know people who just couldn't stop because they say they've been smoking their whole like so it's quite impossible.
  4. Parenting is tough with or without the pandemic. If you ask me, working outside the house is beneficial to our mental health as we get to exercise our brain and get to see the world and not just the four corners of our home. We get to deal with different people. Don't get me wrong, children are the most precious thing, but we also need a time to grow as an individual.
  5. Have you been diagnosed by your doctor?
  6. I believe your university is full of shallow people because wise people would never do that. Clearly, education is not about how high your grades are. I am sad that this is still happening. Why can't people learn compassion? You don't need to go to a university to learn it.
  7. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Clearly, it's not meant to be. Whatever happened to her or whatever changed her mind is not under your control. There's nothing to say or do really as she never asked for anything from you right. Well, I'm sure you will feel that way again and it will be reciprocated. Nice of you to open up. Wish you luck!
  8. It sucks to not forgive yourself because you tell yourself "you deserve it" whenever bad things happen to you. It's like not wanting to have more and be more because you're not worthy.
  9. I used to love long conversations over a cup of coffee, but now whenever I do it I'm like, "What am I doing here?" and I can't even understand what the other person is talking about. It's just like I'm looking at her and her mouth mumbling inaudible words.
  10. If you feel like your not getting any relief, then go for it but of course, you have to consult with your doctor fist.
  11. Hi. It is okay to be self conscious with our appearance, but if you think that it's interfering with your life or how you feel about yourself, then I think you better see a professional to get you diagnosed and treated accordingly.
  12. Hi. I can sense that you are a beautiful soul. There are only a few who has a deep perspective of life. Sometimes, it could be a gift and sometimes a curse. It's hard to fit in in this world we live in now, but just be yourself and do whatever makes you feel good. Our life here is limited, and some of us are lucky enough to figure out the purpose of life.
  13. Whenever I need to see a doctor, I ask my relatives or friends. It saves me from having the wrong ones. But of course, it still depends on your preference.
  14. Hi. I try to workout everyday. It helps me to get that feeling of wanting to rest. If I don't workout, my mind is here and there that it's hard to fall asleep.
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