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  1. Oscar, Thank you for that reply. I am definitely interested in the non-drug things too. I'm prepared to do what it takes to feel better, I miss it a lot! Epictetus, Thank you for the very thoughtful, informative reply. I'm glad you mentioned stress, because I have also been feeling it a LOT in the last two months since all this started. I totally forgot to mention it above. My job is only a little stressful so I don't think it's to blame, although what stress it does provide has been harder to deal with during this time. I think most of my stress has been centered around not feeling well, the feelings of worry for missing a lot of work (even though my boss is awesome and I have no REAL reason to believe they will can me over this), and then of course the virus has been an ongoing stressor with all the trouble it's caused. I'm eagerly awaiting my first visit with a new counselor, in about a week. Thank you both again.
  2. Hello, I have been a mess for the last two months. Super low energy, body feels awful, like I'm hung over (and I quit drinking 19 months ago.) I've missed a lot of work. I've had no energy to do the things I love. I can get physically wiped out just gathering a load of laundry or any other simple chore around the house. I don't even have the energy to read or watch TV. (I never thought that would be possible!) I usually look forward to bed every night since it's been the only respite from feeling so awful. I've been seeing my primary care provider, who ran all kinds of tests which all came back negative. He sent me to a psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with "Major Depressive Disorder". I know I was feeling bummed out about some things before this happened. The virus wrecked socialization and ruined my summer plans. Not seeing coworkers because of working from home. Then, two months ago, all the above stated happening. I've lost my ability to enjoy OR do almost anything. My new psychiatrist has a plan for counseling and meds, but I would like to hear from others on the topic of just how bad physically depression can make you feel. I thought for sure that I had a major physical health problem, but the testing just hasn't shown that. I'm also looking for info on how I can fight though the lack of energy and feel better. Mentally, I WANT to do all kinds of things, but my body just says "Nope. No energy, sorry." Thank you for reading, and for any thoughts.
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