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  1. Hi Louis 2008! I hope that sooner or later you will find the answers for your problems.it is very difficult to change our destructive patterns ,but try to search .and don't give up!
  2. Hi Shy 80!I agree with you that",meds aren't a cure,but it can help a bit".As for talk therapy. There was cognitive therapy in my experience but with few results 5 years ago.I think now ,that at that time I was not ready for it .But now I want to restart ,and apply cognitive techniques on my own....
  3. A year ago I managed to get off Paxil, and hope that there will be no restart.I am on Lamotrigine now,for about 4 months,tried to quit it but I understood it's not so easy as I thought.Truly saying Lamotrigine helps me to ease the symtoms of anxiety,and depression.(my diagnosis is Recurrent Brief Depression).Who had an experience with this med? Write please!
  4. Breathing techniques can help to ease anxiety,or depressive symptoms,even the simplest exercises.Or try to combine such things as running,walking,any physical activity (house cleaning) during the whole day and relaxation.It really works. As for antidepressants,do not expect quick results .It will take a month or two to achieve some effects.In many cases (if the med is right) you have to take it.(my personal opinion) for a certain period.
  5. Jogging (10-20km) is very helpful for me.It reduces anxiety and depression symptoms .Though it doesn't solve the problem for 100%.To my mind every problem of some kind is very individual.l live with recurrent brief depression for a long period and still there is no solution.I think now it would be better to reread "Cognitive therapy of depression" by J.Beck. All the same sooner or later the solution will be find.
  6. Hi!I took Paxil for about 8 years and tried to stop it several times but without success.Only a year ago I managed to get off Paxil.The withdrawal is a very long process,personally it took 6 months to quit it.God only knows how it will be further,but for this moment l live without meds for a year or so.I think that in many cases it will be impossible to get off meds if you don't change your life completely,your style of thinking.....etc.That's why psychotherapy is extremely important...
  7. Depression is very insidious thing.It is not a sign of our weakness.It's just a disease.And it certainly doesn't make us strong.We should work and work on ourselves.It is the only way to overcome our problems..In this way we gain strength and confidence....Sooner or later depression will move back.Anyway thank you for your good post!
  8. I think that there is no effective solution associated with recurrent brief depression today.Anti depressants, psychotherapy help only for a certain period ,although cases of healing happen..... ..In my case after long period of remission my depression has returned .I have been living with this problem for over 40 years. Of course it is really very hard when the brains work badly,and your mood is depressed for communication (I work as an electrician).And you need to endure this period,luckily 5- 10 days .Then after a month,sometimes more the situation is repeated.When you feel bad ,it is very important to go for walk as much as possible,jogging and meditation are also very helpfull.Sometimes l take tranquillizers when it is very very hard .As for antidepressants ,I d' like to say that I have been taking Paxil for about 8 years.The first two years the pills were very effective for me,but caused some kind of hypomania.Now l live without anti depressants.I am 59 years old.I wish great courage to those who fight with the problems of such kind. Happy Holidays!!! Valerio.Kyiv.
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