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  1. I am feeling annoyed with seeing people say that I am "strong" for being able to get through another day with depression and anxiety. To me, ending it all seems like more of a display of strength, because to do so is to go against every impulse that we have as living creatures. You have to have the strength to bypass all of the self-preservation instincts that your mind and body are using to keep you alive. I feel weak for just going along with the tide of life. I wish I had the strength to have already ended it.
  2. I am 26 years old. I am at my second attempt at college to pursue an English Writing degree. I have an official diagnosis of depression and anxiety. I know that I'm capable of doing the work I need to college, but when I start to fall behind I just give up instead of asking for help. I am too ashamed to go to my professors and explain that when I mess up, the anxiety builds and I can not get back on track. This just seems like an excuse to not do anything, but in truth I really do want to get a college degree so that there are more options available for me. I don't even dislike doing the work. I just am terrible at taking care of my self and this only feeds the depression demon inside of me more. When I get this way I can't even see through it or believe in myself at all. I am wondering if anyone here has been a similar place or has any advice on how to overcome these problems.
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