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  1. Hello everyone. My fiancé and I had been together for 6 years now. We have been engaged to get married for 2 years. Back 4 weeks ago everything was perfect like it normally is. We never argue about nothing, we actually get along great. At this time we was discussing the wedding for next year. That same day she showed all the emotions like she normally did since we met. But two days later she woke up and out of the blue she had NO emotions at all. Like I didn’t hear from her all day. She finally got home and I went to give her a huge hug like I normally did and she just barely done it. So I asked if she needed to talk. She explained to me she just woke up with no emotions toward anything. This includes me, work, college, friends and even our inside cats. We sat down at least 8 times in the last 2 weeks and talked about this for a long time. She does not know why it happened at all. I know for a fact the coldness is toward everything and not just me. For the last 8 months she has been working 65 hours every week. So we haven’t hardly seen each other at all. I truly feel like she just over stressed and over worked. Anhendoia keeps coming up in searches when I put in her symptoms. She does not say anything sweet like she used to, she doesn’t want to hold me or even hold my hand, doesn’t want to kiss me or be kissed, intimacy is out, she does not look forward to the future because nothing makes her happy or sad. My BIGGEST question that I have is what can I or we do as a couple to pull her out of this cold time? I have read her letters she used to write me, I have showed her sweet texts she sent me, looked at all of our pictures on FB and remembered good times. I even brought up the pictures of me proposing to her and we are both crying in the picture. But she feels nothing toward none of this. She had made a therapy appointment for next week. But if anyone can please shine some light on this troubled time I would appreciate with all Of my heart. thank you
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