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  1. So glad I found this forum! I’ve been on 300 mg for 9 weeks, mostly to treat mild depression, lack of energy and motivation. The first few weeks were great. I had the typical honeymoon-lots of energy, great mood. Then the crash came. I felt like I did before-exhausted and unmotivated. My life situation has gotten worse since I started, too: My mom died and my cat ran away, so that hasn’t helped matters. I’ve read that my mood will eventually go back up, maybe not to the heights of the honeymoon phase, but to a nice, steady state. But I’ve also read that by weeks 6-8, you pretty much feel how you’re going to feel, and I’m past that time. Did anyone here experience great improvements after week 8, or is it too late? And would it be worth it to increase my dose, even by 75 or 100 mg? Thanks so much, everybody!
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