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    Tigger and Willow's house, UK
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    looking after my cats who mean the universe to me
    and two gerbils
    i tried putting the picture of my angel Ebony cat in my profile but it doesnt seem to want to accept it

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  1. as for how i'm feeling i'm getting scared about maggots and arthritis getting injected into Tigger's leg cause of that cat bite
  2. anxiousE brought me here hope i'm allowed here
  3. sorry it hard to type just now i got a Tigger on my lap with a bad leg (my cat, another cat had a go at her a few weeks ago and her leg still bad, she back into the vet on thursday) my other cat is Willow, not the cat who had a go at my Tigger
  4. hi anxiouse hoping i'm actually welcome here
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