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  1. not new at least 2 years i did try to tell them about ""Hey I know I've been making a lot of mistakes but i really want to do better for the team so if there's anything i can improve on I would really appreciate you guys telling me how to correct ny mistakes so i won't repeat them in the future " " but they just repeatly say " think yourself no need me to tell you"
  2. Hi i am not sure if it should be posted here but feel free to move it to correct location if it not. My work currently now have some issues with my colleague, both of them are frustrated at me cocking up at work, i tried my best to catch up with them but no matter what i do they always tell me " think yourself no need me to tell you" "you're a senior you shouldent cock up simple mistakes". i know i am fault here but i did ask them what is my mistake but they don't want to tell me, just ask me to think over. My family also thinks i am happy at work but when in fact i am not. it hard for me to give a happy face when my face is sad and stressed. I don't know how long i can cope to stay positive at the same time when it's negative. how can i solve this problem of mine. an advice would be good for me. -Sliverboi
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