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  1. Yep i thought i had it missed a dinner because of it almost missed thanksgiving. Make another appointment if you have too! Feels good to know.
  2. What is your ocd like? im just curious i have obsessive thought i cant let go until i do them but i dont have rituals. I wont say i have ocd because ive only seen the severe examples and dont want to offend. You dont have to type it out if you dont want.
  3. Can i ask does the lamictal get better as the dose goes up?
  4. Do you have major anxiety? i feel pretty dumb too i miss things right under my nose and cant take in information without it being repeated, but im pretty sur ethis is anxiety and depression, also sounds like you have racing thoughts, are you seeing someone for help?
  5. Thats great im on wellbutrin i was going to go off of it but my fatigue is coming back so im going to try to stay on it.. i dont like the increased sex drive i hope it goes away. Are you on 150s? or did you go up I was on latuda and it stopped working that really sucks. Never heard of amitriptyline the names are getting harder.
  6. just started lamictal im hoping it works for me i think it already is. I was prescribed abilify but i got scared of weight gain and sleepiness since alll ssris seem to put me to sleep. the lamictal works good for you?
  7. Numb alittle bit is kinda what im going for i think i feel too much i defintely needs medication ive tried to long and cant fix it myself but psychiatry is just so dumb ! they are not helpful at all!
  8. yea i noticed you cant delete things weird o_o sometimes i obsess over things i post and want to delete them lol its not fun
  9. Agreed thats was a revival alternative music is the last of rock n roll i think i dont know where it can go but there is alot of different styles... oh but i did like some of the emo electronic music "alternative" music of the 80s. soundgarden is my fav out of those chris cornel was a genius.
  10. what do you consider the good and bad of the 90s just curious i love the 90s and early 00's that was the last great music scenes if you ask me.
  11. Ive tried a number of medications for anxiety/panic attacks and have tried a few meds for depression/no energy.. over the course of say 9 months and my pdoc and my therapist have gotten on me about not switching meds so often but ive given each med 2 months before i decided it wasnt doing anything. Waiting for something to work when i know what the other side feels like and i feel like im just wasting time is horrible A few meds had side effects that i just couldnt handle the side effects right away so my pdoc isnt taking that into consideration, Honestly i dont trust him and i feel like i need someone whos more helpful. How many meds have you tried and about how long did you try each med before changing or adding? And how long did it take you to find one that works?
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