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  1. isaac s


    when my depression was bad id wake up 3-5 times before actually getting up. And just being tired all the time SUCKS can relate
  2. just wanted to share something thats recently hapoened to me and see what others have gone through.. I have bipolar disorder and i have a medical condition hypo glycemia that makes me have episodes and one of the things ive noticed is i dont realize im where im at until i get out of those places its hard for me sometimes. I used to call some them "tunnels" i recently went through a episode of feeling massive shame and i relized i truly hadnt felt that in such a long time and it floored me in a good way but it was sad. So i think ive only been feeling really shallow sensations anxiety, fear, fatigue, anger, fustration. The shame and sadness was good because it felt more real than anything that ive felt for along time. i hope i can hold on to these emotions i didnt even hear the word Anhedonia until recently its pretty scary 😞 just wanted to share.
  3. ive never been able to bond with anybody man its hard for me but got to try to love urself and things will just happen but thats a big step.. suicidal thoughts sucks its like being caught up in a storm stay strong
  4. hello new here i need somewhere to vent but i dont want to bother anybody i dont want to feel im not giving anything.. hope i can make a good experience.
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