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  1. Ive been drinking a whole pot just to stay out of depressive energy lows, but i sometimes have comedowns that are pretty bad, so i think morning jo is only for me if i can stop myself.
  2. Im Been kinda depressed lately my meds are not really working for my apathy and energy but on wensday i saw my therapist and when i got home i felt my energy and mood elevate alot and i was sleepy so i took a nap (something i never do) Then i woke up and since then ive been feeling pretty good. Is this hypomania? i dont feel crazy or wired just liked i have energy and my fatigue is gone If it is its super mild right? does that just mean its a normal mood state god im confused Do you guys notice when you go from depression to mania? Does it creep up on you?
  3. I think life ruining side effects are rare, general side effects that are unpleasant and would make you want to stop do happen but you have to do what you have to do if you really want to feel normal, i say its worth it but i havnt experienced the gamet of them, only tiredness, apathy, alittle disassociation which is very not fun. But the relief i have felt when they worked was incredible and im working through the system to try and figure out meds that work for me still. I dont understand people who are anti medication, if you had a disease that can be treated with meds they would take it but if its a mental illness oh nope nope i dont understand. Nobody benefits from you being in pain.
  4. okay now had a panic attack last night in relief i woke up feeling better!
  5. i just try not to watch that stuff i do agree with the above about not broadcasting good news makes alot of sense alot of good in the world.
  6. Glad you have someone to take care of, sounds like she is in good hands!
  7. Yes showering cleaning my house getting dressed any self care really, Really gross but when i was severely depressed i could go a few day, i know but it just felt like something i didnt care about at all. This is while self isolating too
  8. i think so, i just think theres a pattern of behavior in my life thats controlling me thats more than depression so i think add or bpd or both would qualify... thanks for replying
  9. Ive never paid any attention to add i have the stereo typical picture in my head bouncing off walls talks alot, Definitely not me! But ive been reading about Inattentive sub type and it kind of makes sense. I used to run away from school constantly starting at kinder garden till 5th grade when they pulled me out to do home school, insomnia and a internet addiction, i used to draw when i was really young and i havnt been able to draw since, cant keep focused but i have the natural skill. Fast forward now 28 i cant focus on anything long term, cant even watch movies even though i love films, I have no hobbies (except play guitar I have been playing for 15 years have never gotten better) I obsess over small projects and i cant rest until they are done no matter how pointless, i feel like i constantly make the worse choices on purpose "like dont push the red button" I HAVE TO PUSH IT! I feel like ive done nothing because i cant keep long goals and i feel like my life has gone nowhere im in a constant fog it feels as though my head is half asleep Im hoping this is it, it would explain so much! I thought it was a personality disorder and im still not ruling that out but i think this makes more sense. Just wanted to write this out, I hope im not posting too much thankyou to everybody
  10. Wo that sounds like alot. Is it just energy? or is it helping mood also?
  11. Any body ever drink coffee to help with depression? What are your experiences with coffee?
  12. Anger issues, or if you have other symptoms a personality disorder that involves anger as a criteria, Would have to talk to a Therapist to know for sure.
  13. Ive thought the same sometimes, just not absolutely nothing to do like a standing security guard i couldnt handle absolute nothing, but pushing carts dosnt sound bad
  14. if you feel like it is a "mess" i would focus on yourself solely for abit.
  15. Last job was solar technician installing solar, it was ok sometimes i didnt choose the job just a regular dump job im hoping to have some say in what i do now that im on meds never had that.
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