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  1. @gandolfication One thing that really helps me is remembering that "bad" is not forever. Those kinds of feelings we all know about since we're on these forums, especially the kind that come when hope is given up... ..they're not actually true because, really, all I have to do is continue to exist through this present second. Hey look. I did it. Lol. You did too. Again. And again. And again. If I just keep doing the best I can for each second, then the seconds become minutes, and when they have passed, all that remains for me is the very next second. You. Are. Not. Selfish. for what you posted. Even if you were, so !÷*×($;#(@ what??? Doesn't make you any dang less important to me, or any dang less loved by your children (based on what you've said). Also, by the way, in posting about some of your thoughts, you have inadvertently helped me. No good deed exists in isolation. I hope you can see that your willingness to be open here, to express the vulnerability in your experiences, is a selfless act. It will be beneficial to everybody who comes across it, and who knows how many will see it? But beyond even that, it will long outlast the very short time it took you to post it by living on in the hearts of the readers who are similarly touched by it. You don't know how far this one good act will travel. I, for instance, am going to be a different and better person now because of what you said, and I will carry your words in my heart to others in the compassion that I give them. You understand me? I will keep this one small piece of your compassion inside me, and by me it will spread to others, and your good act will never die because it goes on to live and become part of that great big grand cycle you spoke of in your original post. Love you. Thank you. I love you. --Best wishes, Jane93
  2. Best part IMO: "I am much more than what you take from me." Thanks for sharing. ♡♡♡
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