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  1. I am trying some therapy, and i'm doing better than I was. A couple of years ago I went for a promotion at work and, it went poorly... namely my co-workers basically screwed me which really got me down. Since then I did start therapy which is how I found out it wasn't just some weird thing I was imagining and was actually depression. I've always felt pretty much that i've been alone, I just don't really get people. Heh though I have studied them so I can usually respond correctly so they don't think i'm completely weird. As is i'm mostly just writing in whatever stream of thought is coming to me so i'm not sure if what i'm saying is really making sense. The upside of the whole beverage bug is as i'm introverted, quite reclusive, I can work from home, and can even get groceries delivered I can keep human interaction to a minimum that is at least one thing that is making me a bit more relaxed.
  2. Thanks, it's just hard dealing with people, though I can fake it pretty well. So it's just far easier to avoid people altogether, plus for some reason it's just much more relaxing to me to avoid leaving.
  3. Hi, I'm new here so i'm not quite sure what is appropriate to write. I've been recently diagnosed, but have apparently had pretty bad depression for a long time. I've never been good at interacting with people irl, and have had a fair amount of stress at my job which isn't helping. Though fortunately I can work from home and have been home since February. the whole, for the most part I haven't left my apartment since then and I don't really have friends irl so I don't really interact with people in general. In general everything just feels meh and i'm not even sure why i'm really writing this.
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