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  1. Im tapering an anti psychotic and a benzo. Im on low doses of both 2mg Valium 18mg anti psychotic Can I use NSI189 or should I wait until im med free? My doctor has no clue, I have asked.
  2. Feebi

    Severe case

    Can I ask which meds you were on?
  3. Feebi

    Severe case

    So this is my question- if the anhedonia was 100% caused by withdrawal from psych meds then if I am clean from all meds and wait it will eventually lift? is that true?!? or is it a question that cannot be answered?
  4. Feebi

    Severe case

    My problem is is that I cant enjoy the small things or get high on life. How is that possible in my state? I honestly dont think you were as severe as I am. Did you constantly have suicidal thoughts like popping up everyday?
  5. Feebi

    Severe case

    I really know what you are saying but my case is so severe I dont know how much longer I can hang on. I feel like holding out for a treatment may give me hope that something will give me some sort of feeling back. How many years have you hung on? have you improved?
  6. Feebi

    Severe case

    I am so fragile and sensitive I really hope this community can offer me some support because I literally have no support at the moment and Im completely and utterly desperate
  7. Feebi

    Severe case

    Thankyou Atra. Thankgodness you recovered. I simply dont see many recovery stories. I feel like ive been through war. Ive been traumatized, and then had more trauma on top of that trauma plus more all because of this illness. I have NEVER experienced this in my life prior and I had never heard of the word anhedonia before I was diagnosed. Everyday is pure torture. Everything feels foreign and everyone around me is functioning normally. I dont even feel human. All I think about all day long is how I am feeling or should I say what Im not feeling. Its like being on a permanent drug come down. Someone tell me what is worse than this? I really cant think of anything. I am so negative about this because there is barely any support or treatment. You just have to wait around hoping that one day a miracle might happen. There seems to be treatment for basically every illness out there but this ... nothing. Plus you always risk making it worse by adding on more medication. I used to be so bright, bubbly, happy and productive. I am now the polar opposite. This is all thanks to big pharma. There was no warning that this could happen to me. Its been going on for 2 years but I still wake up in shock everyday and wonder how on earth im going to make it through the day. Then I am a little relieved when it is time to sleep because sleep is my only escape. I know I have been nothing but negative but I do not know how on earth I am meant to stay positive in this situation. I LONG FOR MY LIFE BACK!!!! I really feel for each and everyone of u who are suffering through this HORRIFIC HELLISH existence
  8. Feebi

    Severe case

    I guess noone can answer me. its fairly obvious that I have no hope :,(
  9. Feebi

    Severe case

    I am posting this in desperation for my life. I have had a very severe form of anhedonia/depression now for 2 years. It all started after I came off a cocktail of medication being - Vyvance, Klonipin, Pristiq and Chlorpromazine. My brain has almost shut down and I am begging for anyone out there to please respond to this and please be honest. Do I have any hope of ever recovering or responding to a treatment? I tried Provigil and Vyvanse again and they worked for a couple of months until they no longer had an effect. This is what worries me more than anything. I used stimulants for 10 years and never had an issue. As soon as I came off my meds starting with Pristiq then Vyvance then Chlorpromazine then Klonipin the anhedonia got progressively worse until it got so bad that I am non functional. I have barely hung on the past year so I simply cannot wait around for years and years waiting for recovery when its likely it wont happen. I am only 34 years old and I have completely lost everything that ever mattered to me. If this is how it is going to be I do not have any reason to live. The treatments Im going to try are in this order: Methylation Microdosing psilocybin TMS Ketamine Ibogaine. Please someone tell me I have hope???
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