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  1. That's good to hear. I thought I read somewhere it takes 2 weeks to clear the system, but I also read it can take as long as you said.
  2. Granted, this was all under a doctor's supervision. However this is a concern of mine: you know what they say when you stop an antidepressant, it may not always work as well the second time around. I was off Prozac for two weeks to try another medication but I realized that Prozac was better for me. I went back to Prozac and I did feel better the next day in terms of my anxiety and depression, but the appetite suppressing qualities of it I haven't seen the full effects of yet. When I was on Prozac, this effect took some time to show up (I forgot how long) but it did show up. I keep hoping it will happen again. Is two weeks off of Prozac enough time for Prozac to stop working, once you go back on it?
  3. Thank you for the welcome Nice to meet you too. I do hope to hear from someone but I've tried asking for help elsewhere and I don't think anyone knows the answer. I have noticed that when I take 5000 units of Vitamin D instead of 4000, I am not QUITE as bad, but I do wish I didn't have to take supplements alongside with my Prozac in order to achieve a manageable result. This is only my first day on 5000 units, so the jury is out on this.
  4. Hi, I started Fluoxetine in May of this year. Keep in mind that the following actions I took were/are under the supervision of my doctor. I started off on 5 mg, stayed on it for 3 months. It always made me tired, but helped anxiety a lot. It didn't do too much for depression, so I upped it to 10 mg. I tried the higher dose and felt a boost of energy for 2 days, I felt better than I ever did for a long time. I felt a bit more anxious, but it was doable. The third day, I crashed and I've been crashed ever since. I just wish that energy I had for 2 days, would come back. That energy wasn't there on the previous dose. This sucks. Has anyone had this type of experience with Fluoxetine?
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