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  1. I love my man but again have overextended myself because he wants to stay busy. He also works full time. I am a retired RN. When I speak of my medical knowledge and have asked for a compromise in the past I get told I am disrespectful etc. This time I called and emailed about part time jobs. This weekends consequences were not good. I disengaged from what we did and told him he is now responsible for it. I also have pain issues I am working on in PT. Perhaps it has run its course. He says he will not be controlled. Outcomes even in medicine can be changed. He presented me with the double bind theory in his arguing. This is very sad when i see this. I let go.
  2. No one is horrible. Usually it is issues the other person has or the failed system we live in. Perhaps communication issues shame guilt. All can be worked through with the right person.
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