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  1. There is nothing around here - rural- except for church, and it is closed with Covid. I understand what you're saying., there is just no one or opportunity.
  2. Same here Sober4live. I've lived with this so long, I've learned how to fake it so I could get by at work. At the most people remark that I am too quiet. I'm so sick of it all. At least now that I'm retired I don't need to be fake except at church. I keep praying but the loneliness never goes away.
  3. So Freesolo, I viewed your video. It was interesting. At issue seems to be finding a "tribe", something, someone to connect too. Not much in my area to help with that. Hope you're doing ok.
  4. Not really. This is a pretty rural area. I play my music but that's not a group thing. Glad things are working out for you.
  5. ...and being unable to communicate those things either because no one wants or cares to hear it, or there just is plan no one there to hear it. I use to get so frustrated at that, that I would shout at the night, but then in turn realized the utter futility of doing that. It was a growing cycle of frustration that I just learned to bury and ignore like everything else about my life. Anymore I just get bitter, so I don't think about it.
  6. Truth. Being alone is bad, but I sometimes think being alone even when you are with other people is worse 'cause is seems to show how little they really care. It's all fake and means nothing. You may as well be a shadow.
  7. Makes me wonder what the point is. I can't but think the fault lays with me. I still try now and then but anymore it's just too frustrating and I end up crying and too down to care. I know I'm shy but aren't a lot of people? What I wouldn't give just to have someone hold me for a minute, to feel human touch. Hope the rest of you lonely people take care.
  8. That's the truth. I've had no one since 1975. So sick of being alone I can't stand it. I've tried all the 'cutsy' things people come up with to try, but that ran out long ago. I so long for the touch of another human being so I know I actually still exist in this world. I come so close to giving up so often. How long can a person be alone and have no one and not go nuts from lack of human companionship? This life really holds nothing anymore. There is no joy or meaning when you are constantly alone. Human companionship makes life have some value, but without it, there is none.
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