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  1. Hi everyone newbie here and I need some advice. I have been taking mirtazapine 15 mg for over 5 months now until recently I completely went cold turkey 10 days ago. I started a new job and was worried I wouldn’t be able to wake up at 4am for work because of how hard it makes me sleep and I’m very drowsy and loopy the next day. So I went cold turkey completely which I know isn’t a great idea with any medication. I take it for depression and anxiety 1x day before bed. I honestly thought I n didn’t really need it because of how well I was doing but now I’m starting to realize that I do in fact need it. Coming off of it seems to have made my depression so much worse and I’ve resorted back to cutting which is something I haven’t done in a long time so my question is those of you have gone cold turkey have you noticed your depression worse then before you started taking the medication? Don’t get me wrong I am not suicidal I just have a thing with cutting to ease mental thoughts and pain. My question is does it get easier after you adjust to not having the medication? Because I can’t work on the medication. I work around equipment and could loose a leg if I’m loopy
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