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  1. Just adding my perspective... I am at about 6 weeks right now. Mine really kicked in at about week 4 and I have felt incrementally better (energetic, calmer, more focused). I now feel like it has plateaued at a very reasonable level. I too, was told it was common for the full effects to not be felt until 4 to 8 weeks. (By the way, I was on 150 mg for one week, then to 300mg. Also taking Trazadone for sleep.) I wish you well!
  2. I've had a similar experience. I was already prone to sinus headaches; and, with Welbutrin (Bupropion) I was having them daily. In my research and discussion with my psychiatrist, it seems the med has the tendency to really dry a person out. I now use a saline nasal spray, drink more water than I normally would, and will probably introduce a nasal lavage/irrigation if needed. I hope this helps in some way. good luck!
  3. Regrets and unnecessary worries. I realize now that I was living my life fixated on past "mistakes" and future concerns. My motto might as well have been "anywhere but here, anytime but now". I am getting better at letting go of past regrets - or at least putting them in the correct context. And, my future focus is more constructive (less anxiety while setting and pursuing realistic future goals).
  4. Unfortunately, I do not have experience with mirtazapine, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your story and your journey. I'm glad you're in a better place now. I had recently come to terms that I was depressed and sought help. First with therapy and lately with medication (wellbutrin & trazodone). The interesting thing is that I had associated my depression with the last three years of profound losses and stress. But, as the fog started to clear and I began to feel better than I had in a long time. I realized that I have been "dealing" with it for several decades. Thanks a again for sharing and good luck!
  5. As they often say... it's a process. Good luck on this journey and thanks, again sharing it with us!
  6. Just wanted to share that today is the one-year anniversary of the passing of one of my closest friends. That, to me, was the catalyst for me to get where I am today. Already in therapy for depression, this event "broke" me in a deep and profound way. I didn't know it at the time, but it would be the tipping point for me that would ultimately lead me to really take therapy seriously and seek out a psychiatrist for additional help. So, today, I mourn his passing; but, I also thank him for one final gift of getting this path.
  7. Great. I hope you find continued restful nights!! Have a great weekend!
  8. My first topic - so I'll dive right in! I started on Bupropion about 6 weeks ago; I'm at 300 mg extended release daily. I also take 25mg of Trazodone at night. (Started both at the same time.) My issue is that about three weeks in, I started experiencing persistent constipation. I've upped my water, more walking, and start every day with a prune juice "cocktail". My question is - have any of you experienced the same issue? Anything that you did to alleviate it? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm sorry to hear you had another rough night. I hope you respond well to Trazadone; or are able to find the outcome you are looking for. I'm still trying to find a bedtime routine (ritual) that will help with my sleep hygiene on top of the trazodone. Keep on trying and keep us posted. Good luck.
  10. It sounds cliche, but it's very true - asking for help is a very important step. I'm 51, and I'd say, honestly, it took me 20+ years to really come to terms with depression that i had just coped with (until I couldn't). So, the fact that you can be honest about this at such a young age, and brave enough to share your story with us strangers - it speaks volumes of how invested you are in dealing with things. Good luck on your journey and please share if you have specific questions or things you want to discuss.
  11. I've done virtual and phone appointments since March (psych uses Zoom or phone & personal and couples counselors both use their own online portal). I've gotten used to the virtual appointments but, in every one of those, the therapist has gone to the office and does virtual appointments from there. I'm fortunate that I have internet at home and on my phone. Personally, I'm not concerned about taking the appointment at home, but I can definitely see where the therapist taking the meeting from their home could be unsettling. To be honest, the virtual meetings have greatly expanded flexibility in scheduling appointments. I feel the quality of the sessions hasn't dramatically changed from face-to-face, but it is much easier to work appointments into my work schedule. My wife has been great and gives the apartment to myself on my personal appointments, so that helps. My psychiatrist is very new (finally worked up the courage to see one about 6 weeks ago.) My first appointment was via Zoom, but was about 5 days after my call into his office versus the three month wait I found for only one other as many seem to be maxed out on clients at this time. The check-ups with him have been by phone, but Zoom is always an option for me. I will love it when face-to-face meetings are possible again, but for now just trying to make the best of this situation.
  12. Good luck! I found the pills break in half easily, otherwise if you need you should be able to grab a cheap little pill cutter at the drugstore. My prescription was 25 mg for a week then up to 50, but as I said, I've found 25 mg to work very consistently. As my psychiatrist told me, take the pill then make the bedroom cold, dark, and quiet. Sleep well, let us know how the night goes.
  13. Bob Dylan - I Contain Multitudes on Rough and Rowdy Ways
  14. Affinity groups. Look for groups around your town that have similar interests. I know COVID-19 has dramatically impacted social gatherings, but there still may be some and I would guess even some doing online gatherings. There are sites such as meetup.com where you can search by topic and location. For example, I love bad B-movies and have found a couple of gatherings that I joined. It's a little easier if one knows others share at least one common interest. I am not sure if you are religious or church going, but they can be good sources for affinity groups. I really lack those fraternal friendships, and really struggle with practicing what a preach, but this has been a good approach when I have broken out of a social ruts in the past.
  15. Hello, my name is Troy, 51 years old in South Florida. I feel (now) like I've been dealing with depression for many years. However, the last three years have been really tough. I've experienced the sudden, and in one case violent, deaths a three people very close to me. And, brushes with cancer for my wife and my sister. I had shifted well into caretaker for them, but struggled with anger and depression as things "returned to normal". Talk therapy helped, but I was still losing ground. Hit rock bottom a couple months ago and marriage was at risk - found a GREAT psychiatrist and that has set me back on track. Now, solo and couples therapy are far more fruitful and my anger and depression are better controlled. Thanks for "listening", and glad to be here.
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