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  1. Can't speak from a job stand point but know the feeling w/ family all too well. I'd try talking to them about it. Can't say it 100% worked when I did it w/ my fam but they're trying to improve.
  2. Anything can be handled, just a matter of how you choose to react to it. From my lack luster job experience I do agree w/ what you've said. You're not treated as human but more a cog in the machine and your value depends on how efficiently you perform and rotate compared to other cogs. That being said, I somehow am in a job where I have a nice boss that respects me and treats me as a human. Idk what your job situation is in life but I'm sure that job is out there for you too.
  3. It's sad that this has been your experience in life... I don't know you but just want you to know that I care about you. I hope you are able to find some comfort here as best you can.
  4. Anyone feeling invalidated lately like myself? If so, how have you handled it?
  5. Can't even imagine one's own parent thinking that way. So sorry to hear what you're going through 😞
  6. Hey chumly, Imo if you're worried about him not hearing back from you it may not hurt to leave a short message just to make him aware. If he was understanding the 1st time I'm sure he'd be understanding this time too.
  7. Hey xoearlle, I would say if you're not feeling 100% for w/e the reason is, it certainly may be beneficial to look into some kind of treatment, whether it be therapy, medicine or simply talking to someone who will listen. Wouldn't leave it unchecked like I have and let it linger. Looking into medicine therapy myself so good luck to us both πŸ‘
  8. Hi dysect, I understand that pain all too well, and it doesn't make it any easier during the lovely covid era where most people don't want to go outside. One thing I could suggest is either in person therapy and/or medicine therapy. Certainly may help you in picking up some coping mechanisms. In the meantime, we're all here for you on this forum B)
  9. I'm so sorry Cassie, that's so sad... I hope you find some comfort in knowing that even though no one in your life seemingly cares, we do ❀️ Please try to hang in there and find help of any kind, if not for your sake for your kids.
  10. My depression stems from feeling like I don't matter in society and recently even with my own family. I feel like I'm always the butt of a joke or criticism in some way among my family and I'm always the target, no one else. I'm a wiseass w/ a sense of humor as much as the next guy but it's always overkill to the extent where it feels personal. I've tried opening up about it to them and they basically pretended to listen in which it was ssdd a little while later. It hurts not only to have this happen but then to pour your heart out only for it to keep happening. Felt like my words meant nothing 😞 Anyone else have something similar like this happen to them and if so, how'd you handle it?
  11. Hey LoganX, I empathize as I know what it's like to be ignored and rejected in life. I believe a strong support group is important to cope and that's how I found this place and made an account. Please share your experiences if/when you can. Certainly valuable to understand and discuss possible coping mechanisms.
  12. Name is Zack, I'm a 32 year old Pennsylvanian and I've been dealing w/ depression probably for about 7 years now. Really started opening up about it recently to family/friends and sadly they either don't listen and/or don't know how to help me. Just signed up to this forum hoping to find some sort of solace and to help others on here as best I can.
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